Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Slacker alert - Day 8 - Place You've Traveled

Well, I guess I'm doing two days today!! I didn't get around to posting yesterday...I was scrapping instead. Also, I was sitting on the couch under a blanket because it got COLD here yesterday!! It was -35C (-31F) with a wind chill making it feel like -44C (-50F) - while this isn't unusual for these parts, we have had a snowy, warm winter this year so we haven't had much of this, yet! So, I will post day 8 now and day 9 later tonight!

Day 8 - A Place You've Traveled
How do I pick a place? Especially since a later post is about favourite vacation and the two would probably overlap so I will just talk about some of the places I've been! I love to travel. We did a lot of it growing up - when your Dad's a teacher, there's plenty of time in the summer! We never did exotic trips as kids but we saw a lot of Canada and the United States. I've been to all 10 provinces (PEI has to be my favourite!) and many states...though some of them were just passing through. When you drive from Regina, SK to Orlando, FL in 40 hours you go through a lot of states but don't really remember many! I married a man who hadn't been very many places but I convinced him that trips were good things - he still dislikes the actual travelling part (ie being on the airplane etc) but enjoys experiencing the places as much as I do! So, as the adult planning the travels, I have been to Hawaii (spring break with a friend), Vancouver Island, Quebec, the Maritimes, the Redwoods & Oregon coast, Midwestern US (Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska etc), Mexico, France, Monaco and England. There are so many more places I would love to go...I've always said I would love to see every country in the world but the top of my list are Galapogas Islands, Egypt and the Antarctic! I would also love to see New Zealand, Austria, Italy, Africa (not sure exactly which parts, yet) and a multitude of other places! Closer to home, I'd love to visit New York City and Washington, DC. Hopefully they will fit into our plans in the next 4 to 5 years. The biggest problem is that we also have a house and life and this all takes money!! Now, I will leave you with some pages I've scrapped of some of the places we've been (a lot of the photos are still on film so I haven't done many yet!) Also, please be kind...some of these were scrapped when I first started and need to be redone!!

From our trip to the Redwoods & Oregon Coast:
Kit - Coastal Getaway by the ScrapMatters Design Team
Alpha - Vintage Summer Bonus Alpha by WM[Squared] Designs
Template by Happy Scrap Girl

Kit - Floating on a Breeze by Scraps of Ellay, JennCK Designs and Dream Big Designs

From our trip to London (tour to Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge and Bath):
Kit - Modish by geniaBeana Scraps
Flower buds (recoloured) - Easter Morning by Stolen Moments and Man in the Moon Designs
Leaf - Sweet 'n Blue by Elo Desings
Stones - Ohe Matelot by Cjournet13
Template - Fine Waves template by a'nyi

Waves at Peggy's Cove in the Maritimes
Background paper - Meliage by Petit Moineaux
Stitched circle - Hello Easter by Scrappy Cocoa
Greenery, flower stamp - Stop the Time by Melancolie
Seashells - Sea Life by Cajoline Scraps
Pearls - Remember Me by Sarah Bennett
Bow (recoloured) - Like No Other by Eva Marina Scraps

From our trip to Mexico (the trip that got me digi-scrapping - this page has obviously been redone!)
Kit - Tropical Sunshine by LDrag Designs and Siamese Studio
Template - Fabulously Negative v8 by WM[Squared] Designs

From our trip to Indianapolis to celebrate Jason completing his degree!
Kit - Fatherhood by Scrappergirl Designs

From our trip to France.
Kit - Chloe by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Ribbons (recoloured), Green & Brown Paper - Fresh Collab by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Buttons - Rustic Grass by Digi-Designs by Nicole

KIt - Mon Amie Collab by Stacey Towers and A Work in Progress by Vicki
Template - MandaKFreebie12x12Template#1 by Nibbles Skribbles

From my trip to Hawaii.
Kit - Another Day in Paradise by GingerScraps Designers

Kit - Vintage Summer (and bonus alpha) by WM[Squared] Designs
Template by Canadian Mommy
Date Blots by Stolen Moments

There is a taste of "a place" I have travelled! Can you tell this is one of my favourite topics?! This is also making me really want to scan in and scrap all these vacations!!!

Until next time...

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  1. Hey Sandra!
    So I was reading the places you would still like to travel and you mentioned that you wanted to go to Africa, but also Egypt. You do realize these are the same right?? You can kill two birds with one stone!!!

    Hope all is well,