Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 28th and 29th

Well, it's been a quiet couple of days. Yesterday was church, watching the Grey Cup and today was nothing in particular! Yay!

November 28 - Today I am thankful that I got to watch the Grey Cup in the warmth of my basement, on my big screen TV (rather than freezing at the actual game - come to think of it, I'm thankful for this pretty much every game I watch!)

November 29 - Today I am thankful that my baby napped some, at least. He's been putting up a fight lately. I managed to get one bathroom cleaned and a couple other things done so that's awesome!

I don't really have much else to say...gotta get the Christmas letter written and printed so I can send it out!

Until next time...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 26th and 27th

November 26 - Today I am thankful for people who help out to get a task done. My parents purchased a display set of cabinets from Rona and forget their ladder and drill battery here when they left (at the store). They wanted us to pick it up for them...not a big deal except the ladder does not fit in our car. Jason's co-worker has a van and told Jason he'd take him to the store at lunch time to get the stuff. It turned out to be a wonderful thing as Jason's Dad's van was not working that day (that was our back up plan). I guess God provides even little things :)

November 27 - Today was another grumpy day...I really gotta quit having those. Attitude is a choice, after all. I should remind myself of that next time... Anyway, some of my grump had to do with my stubborn children so today I decided to be thankful for them. I really do love them and they do make me smile so often. I'm thankful that Jonathan is (usually-but not today) laid back and smiley...especially when he won't co-operate and I get annoyed and then he gives me that cute little grin - who can stay mad! I'm thankful that Evan loves to cuddle. He can be our toughest boy but he can also be the most charming. When he flashes that smile and crawls up next to you to cuddle, it just melts you. I'm thankful to see Xander becoming more comfortable in social situations. He is such a fun boy and loves to play games and give surprise hugs but he is really shy. Tonight, we went to a work kids' Christmas party and he had a blast and even made friends with another little boy. I guess I'm not grumpy anymore...who can be with all this stuff to be thankful for?

That kids' Christmas party, by the way, was so fun. It was held at Dino-bouncers and the kids had a blast. Evan loved the toddler one with balls and a little slide. I think he would have liked the bigger one but there were too many big kids in it. Xander loved the giant slide and went on it over and over again! It was a great place for a party! Anyway, it's late now so I should go.

Until next time...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 25th

Today, I am thankful for a quiet day at home. I skipped Mom's group this morning...bad me, but it was worth it just for the breather. In fact, the way the morning went, I don't think we would have made it on time, anyway. Jason had a work function that he had to be at (with yummy food...I got perogies and chicken strips :P) and the boys were really well behaved so that was awesome. Jonathan wasn't a good napper today, though, so that kinda sucked and I didn't get much done. All in all, it was a good day, though. Plus, I got my first set of shelves completed with my brand new screwdriver! Yay. We lost the appropriate bit for our old multi-bit screwdriver so I had to wait for the new one. Now I have one more to assemble then I can reorganize the play room! Not much else going on here today.

Until next time...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 21-24

I've been slacking...I've come up with things I'm thankful for, I just haven't blogged them. Also, I have some cute photos to edit and put up but they're still on my camera! It's been snowing and snowing here...again. Big surprise. The roads are getting yucky, though. I'm just glad they were decent for all my running around yesterday. So far, I count 4 big snow storms this year...mid October - about 12"...late October - about 8"...mid November (18th) - about 12"...yesterday/today - about 7"...seriously...I think that's enough snow for a winter. There's been a bit in between but not too much. Luckily, last winter had little snow after January so the city still has a budget to clear the roads!! Anyway, I think this calls for a stay in kind of day tomorrow...I have things I could go to but we've got so many things this week that I think a breather is in order! Now for the thankfulness...

Nov 21 - Today I'm thankful for the abundance that we have and that we can share some of that with a child through child sponsorship!

Nov 22 - Today I am thankful for modern medicine. It was immunization day for Jonathan and I think of all the nasty childhood diseases that have been essentially eradicated and I am thankful.

Nov 23 - Today I am thankful that the snow held off for the day so I could go out and do the errands I needed to before there were a couple more inches of snow on the ground (read: roads and I would have had to drive in it!)

Nov 24 - Today I am thankful for things that put a smile on my face...today I particularly think of this YouTube video Cherpumple (I actually saw the photos of someone who made it!) and this adorable blog - Color Me Katie - I don't know her but she is so quirky and cute and there is pretty much always something there that makes me smile!

Until next time...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 20th

Today I was grumpy. Not too sure why, I just was. I don't like being grumpy. It sucks. So I was trying to think of what I was thankful for today. Days like this...it's harder but far more important...cause attitude's a choice.

Today, I am thankful that I got one project mostly done. One of two shelves for the playroom is mostly assembled. I haven't gotten the final screws in since I don't have the right screwdriver. The proper size tip for our interchangeable one is lost. Good thing it's just the rails...the rest used an allan wrench.

Until next time...

Friday, November 19, 2010

November 18th and 19th

Well, I guess I missed yesterday. It was excusable because my Mom and Dad were here and we had an impromptu "birthday brownie" for my oldest boy. It was good, since they won't be able to make it down for his birthday and my boys really love their grandparents!

November 18th - I'm thankful for my Mom & Dad and that they give us so much of their time. They are very willing to drive 5 hours or more to visit as often as they can (though this time they were here for their house...but we'll take whatever brings them our way :) ).

November 19th - I'm thankful that I didn't have to go outside in the 12" or so of snow yesterday or the -31 C wind chill today (though I did walk to the bank this evening - I'm also thankful it was close enough for me to walk!)

It's been cold today and was snowy yesterday. Seriously, that was our 3rd winter storm with several inches of snow (twice about a foot and the other time must have been at least 6 or 8 inches). I think we've filled our quota of snow for the winter - and I've definitely had my fill of shovelling the driveway! (I'm sure I'll do it again, though)

I took some cute photos yesterday but they're still on my camera so maybe I'll post some tomorrow.

Until next time...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November 17th

Today I am thankful for the Bible study group that we are a part of. We meet every Wednesday and it is always a great time of fellowship and learning. I love that!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16th

Today I am thankful for the people who love my kids...people who are willing to take them for me and who my kids want to spend time with! These people make my life so much easier!

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15th

Well, today my youngest snuffly little man passed his snuffles on to me. Only I think I'm getting a full-blown, runny nose and eyes, with a headache type cold. What a pain. These are the kind I used to get rarely as a kid but they always came Friday night...I was miserable Saturday and Sunday but better on Monday! Hope I can still fight them that fast!

Anyway, amongst the snuffles, I decided that today I am thankful that I don't get sick very often. I'm not prone to colds or other general malaise and I'm very thankful for that!

Not much else new around here today. Going to go post some layouts on my other blog, I think.

Until next time...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14th

Today, I am thankful for quiet Sundays.

We went to church this morning (and I quite enjoyed the parts of the sermon I got to hear...silly tired baby :D ) and then had little else to do but hang out, watch football, do a bit of internet surfing. It was a really lovely day.

Until next time...

Another Place to Procrastinate!

Hi there! Welcome to my BRAND NEW family blog! Here is another place for me to procrastinate...whether on work by posting here or actually posting here! I seem to procrastinate all over the place! I will be posting photos here...maybe chronologically, maybe not...depends on what I feel like doing. Also, I will be making musings here and notes and that kind of thing. In fact, along with many of my American scrap buddies, I am doing 30 days of thankfulness for this November (since it's American Thanksgiving). I think I'll post it here, too. Just one thing to be thankful for each day for the month. I love thinking of the little things!

So, I'll start with the thankfulness up to this point, then move on to the photos!

Nov 1 - I am very thankful that I got to have tea after my meeting with two wonderful and supportive ladies who I get to work with at Xander's school!
Nov 2 - I am thankful that the snow is almost melted and it feels more like spring!
Nov 3 - I am thankful that I have running water and don't have to haul it to the house!
Nov 4 - I am thankful for the Mom's group at our church. We meet every Thursday morning and today we had a wonderful discussion on Beth Moore's wisdom for parents seminar.
Nov 5 - I am thankful that Jason is so involved with the kids. He's taken care of them almost every night this week and is taking them shopping right now for the stuff for soccer tomorrow (which he will also take Xander to).
Nov 6 - I am thankful that I have been able to participate in the Digital Scrapbooking Day festivities and have had a really good time with some online friends.
Nov 7 - Today I am thankful for the gorgeous weather outside! My walk home from church was more like spring than fall!
Nov 8 - I am thankful for three healthy children. I've seen how much work and stress it can be caring for children with major health needs and I feel very blessed in that way.
Nov 9 - I'm thankful that it is so easy (and cheap) to pick up the phone and be able to talk to my family.
Nov 10 - After an inch or two of snow last night and a couple more predicted for today, I'm thankful that Jason can take the bus to work and I don't have to leave the house.
Nov 11 - Today I'm thankful for Canada and for all those who fought for our freedom.
Nov 12 - Today I am thankful for the sunshine just after lunch so that I could send my two older boys out to play in the yard full of snow!
Nov 13 - Today I am thankful that I once again have a door on my bedroom. It's all painted and everything!

I'll try to update this every day or two for the rest of the month, anyway. Now, on to some photos.

First, here is Evan's 3rd birthday! He is really into guitars at the moment and loves music and singing so that was kind of the theme for his party. His cake was a guitar and we invited Pastor Bernard and family to the party because Evan adores the guitar-playing Pastor Bernard! He even played his guitar when we sang Happy Birthday. Evan got a great kick out of it!

This was what Evan saw when he woke up. All he talked about all day was when was he going to get to eat his guitar cake. That's how I knew we picked the perfect cake for him!

The cake - fun filled guitar candy cake!

He tried to blow out the candles but can't really direct his breath so he really didn't get anything blown out. Auntie Jodi ended up doing it for him!

Here he is watching Pastor Enard (as he calls him) play guitar. He was kinda shy about the whole thing but did love it! They did a few other songs for him too (Auntie Jen helped sing). There was My God is So Big, Backyardigans theme and a few others.

Opening gifts - this one is from Xander.

He loved this card - it was Backyardigans and sang the theme song...this button got pushed over and over (and still sometimes does).

We got him a guitar for his gift and he really enjoys playing it. This is such a cute picture of him!

He had to serenade Jonathan after the party - they were so cute!

Jonathan thought Evan was hilarious...he just giggled and giggled. It was so cute!

It was a fun party and I think Evan loved it so that makes it a total success!!

Now (especially for you Jen)...here is Halloween.

I'm not really into Halloween but Jason wanted to make a Transformers Bumblebee costume for Xander so they ended up with costumes and going out trick-or-treating. Of course, then he had to make Evan something, too, so Evan got to be a Rubik's Cube.

Xander helping spray paint the Bumblebee costume...this didn't work so well and the costume turned out to be way too much work!!

Here is the cute little Rubik's cube. He didn't know what he was but was told that he was a game...you know, like Candyland. To this day, he thinks he was Candyland.

Here is the finished Bumblebee and a VERY excited Xander to get to wear it!

Side view.

They went around to the neighbours' houses and got quite a haul for the few houses they went to. Now, they have finally finished the candy!

There we go...hopefully I'll keep this a little more up to date than I did before. Maybe I'll post more often :D. Yeah, I'm funny!

Until next time...