Sunday, April 12, 2015

What? What do you mean? It's April already?!!??

OK...I know, I know.  They say times seems to move faster as you get older so my excuse is that it should still be January.  It's not my fault that time moved so fast that we ended up in April ALREADY!

The truth of the matter is that 2015 has been a really crazy and busy year so far and it will continue to be so for some time.  There have been celebrations, sicknesses, everyday life and then the real reason I've been scarce...packing, moving and renovating!  Those are all huge jobs and it's crazy to think it's only been just over a month since we moved out of our house.  It seems all of our energy revolves around our renovations.  In the end, they will be worth it but in the meantime, they make things crazy!

Anyway, just so you can all have a peek at what we're doing (Colette), I thought I would FINALLY post a few pictures of the progress (?) if you can call demo that :).

First, we had to pack up 10 years of stuff - Oi.  I hate moving but I actually hate clutter, too, so it was nice to clear some of it out.  Unfortunately, I got sick with a (TWO WEEK!) cold (mine never last more than a couple of days) so I didn't get as much purging done as I would have liked.

Before the contractor came in, we did some of the demo ourselves.  This is what my kitchen looked like when my father-in-law was done with it!

Then the contractors came in...down came the wall (YAY!!)

...and out came the bathrooms.

The beautiful panelling and fireplace were both gone, too.

With destruction come reconstruction, too.  It was so exciting to see the beam in place.

It is taking further shape now, too, though it still has far to go.  The cabinets are in, but that is just the start.  Still so much to go!!

I do have a photo shoot of my youngest son to edit and blog about (from January) but hopefully I will manage to be gone for a much shorter time this time (though ball season is coming and we have three different teams this year!)

Until next time...