Monday, July 14, 2014

My Handsome Four Year Old!

Well, I finally got these photos edited and ready to post!  I think they turned out really well.  Definitely better than last time, anyway!  I did the inside ones but then Jonathan wanted to do some outside.  I'm glad we did because I got some of my favourites out there.  I can't believe this little guy is already four!  He's is such a talker and just says the funniest things.  I can't wait to see what the next year of his life brings, too!

My little man:

This is the one that's going on our mantle:

I think this is my favourite one of all:

So there you have it, my second home photo shoot.  I don't think Sears has anything on me! LOL

Until next time...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Do You Want Some Context With That Post?

Well, you may or you may not!  If you didn't notice, the last post was simply of Canada Day and not the rest of our visit up north.  Really, I simply had too many photos for one post so, guess what?  It's your lucky day!!  (Or maybe not.)  I am going to do a second post.  I am writing this at the same time and scheduling it so hopefully it works.  I love scheduling posts.  That means, when I am busy cleaning and packing to head to the lake, you can still gaze upon my beautiful family.  In fact, there might even be another post scheduled after this'll have to wait and see!!

The whole weekend up north was really beautiful.  It rained about halfway up there and then the sun came out and we actually got summer.  I so enjoyed that!  Even if Regina was flooding and somebody got water in their basement through no fault of the water itself...but that's another story that you might find funny.

So, anyway, I love writing essays in photo requires so much less typing so, here is my photo essay entitled...The Context for Canada Day...

Every trip to Grandma's seems to start with hands in the dough!  Here it's pizza dough.

Bradley just adores his cousin Emily!

One of the boys' favourite parts of Grandma and Grandpa's house - they get to eat outside all the time!

Look it's a Beyblade!  Ha ha.  Nope, just and old fashioned top that Grandpa made but that's how I had to try to explain to the boys what they were.  Then they spent all weekend calling them Beyblades (which, in case you don't know, are really fancy tops).

Water guns, a sand pit and a pool - life is good at Uncle Jay's house!

Oh, and there's even a trampoline, too.  Bradley wasn't so sure about this, though.

This was really the start of Bradley's sand forays.  Seriously, my kid, in the sandbox.  They just change so very fast when they're little!

On the Sunday, we went to a local fundraiser after church.  It was for a fire truck, I think, with burgers, entertainment and a silent auction.  The rains fell for a bit but our entertainer...The Ginger Ninja...improvised in a tent.  Apparently, he is an internationally known magician and his act was really good... least Alexander really appeared to be enjoying it!

The real reason we were there was because my sister-in-law was also performing.  She got one song in (she sounded really good but the piano did not).  Unfortunately, her keyboard got wet in the downpour and she was unable to continue.  It was too bad we didn't get to see more.

The kids also enjoyed balloon animals and face painting (a storm trooper and two Spider-mans).

Then, we topped off the night with supper with my littlest sister who is now the BIG 3-0!  We had to celebrate with a bit of flair and I think these "candles" did that!  Next time, though, we turn on the fans to avoid the smoke detectors going off.

The kids love getting to hang out with their cousins.  Here they are all "helping" Emily bake cookies!

And even Grandma has a little pool.  Gotta love that expression on my niece's face!

On our way home from Loon Lake, we stopped back at Mom and Dad's for lunch.  The weekend was rounded out with the perfect summertime lunch...roll kuchen and watermelon...on a sunny deck.  It just doesn't get any better than that!

Well, now you have the context for the Canada Day photos.  Stay tuned as I have Jonathan's four year old photos ready to post and I'll try to get them scheduled for very soon!!

Until next time...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

I know, I know...this is kinda late.  However, I have been watching The West Wing on Netflix lately (I LOVE that show!) and I decided to embrace a quote from the most recent episode I watched.  Said by Sam Seaborn (likely sarcastically, but we're gonna ignore that for now) "Let's forget about the fact that you're comin' a little late to the party and embrace the idea you showed up at all." I am...embrace me (ha ha!).

Anyway, we had a fabulous Canada Day weekend.  For the last couple of years, we've been going up to my parents' place in August in order to watch the chuck wagons.  However, because of scheduling we aren't sure if we'll be able to do that this year.  In the past few years, I've also thought that it would be fun for the kids to experience Canada Day in my home town so we decided to make that a reality this year.  Going to the fireworks is a gong show in the city and we've never done it with the kids.  I miss the small town events where you can come late and still get a good view.  In my home town (Loon Lake), the fireworks are shot off at the beach so you not only get a good view, you get to hang out at the beach - how perfect is that!  Also, my sister promised us a beautiful day...she couldn't recall the fireworks ever being cancelled and I must say, she did deliver :).  It was a gorgeous, hot day - perfect for the beach.

And now, for the photo essay ('cause I really have a ton of photos and I know you all like those best, anyway) entitled...Canada Day at the Beach.

Canada Day is nothing without a parade (and A LOT of candy) so our first stop was my sister's house and, sure enough, there was a float being assembled.  Jason even pitched in to help.

The kids had fun standing on the trailer before it got decorated and Evan hung on to that Canada flag all day long!

And now...the parade!  Here are the kids collecting the aforementioned candy.  Gotta catch the parade at least twice to make sure you get an excessive amount (and you could do that by walking half a block from where we were standing).  Mmmm...pixie sticks.

This is the float that was being assembled at my sister's place.

And I even had an old friend in the parade!

Then, it was back to my sister's with the loot for lunch and...AAAHHHH THERE'S A RAT!!!...just's a pet.  (Crazy sister).  However, Bradley definitely took a shine to the little guy and wanted to pet, touch and play with it.

After lunch in the yard, it was time to head for the beach.  We go to the closest one and it wasn't even really very busy.  It's across the street from the ice cream shop/fast food place I worked at for three summers.

Gettin' our feet in the water!

Oh, the water is fine and this is really fun!  (My niece)

Little cutie pie Bradley.  He decided he actually liked the sand and had a blast playing in it.

There was a guy roaming the beach selling cotton candy.  Grandpa had to buy some and, once he convinced Bradley to try it, there was no stopping the kid!  He is hooked.

Relaxing in the shade (trying not to burn!)

There was even a game of volleyball going on - Uncle Jay was using his coaching skills to show Xander how to play.  I think Xander had fun, too, until about ten or so other people joined them!

See?  Proof that he had fun in the sand.

The beach is so much nicer with a stylin' niece wandering around.  It was a great beach hat!

I think Jonathan might be a little Hawaiian boy at heart.  Here he is "surfing" on the flutter board.  He was trying to balance on the edge of this hole in the sand.

Later in the day there was supper from the Dairy Bar (so yummy!) and ice cream treats all around.

Grandma managed to come down after work, too.  Gotta have an evening snack, in your pj's, on the beach.  Why not?

There's nothing like small town entertainment!  The band wasn't half bad, but the lady in the red shirt at the keyboard was my high school English teacher.

The sky was beautiful that evening as the sun set across the lake.  Have I ever mentioned that there's no place I'd rather be than by the water?

Given that this is northern Saskatchewan, and it really doesn't get dark enough for fireworks until about 11 p.m., we had to kill time somehow.  Uncle Jay had an electronic game similar to "Headbandz" that kept us laughing and passing the time.

We're just about ready to go...the boats are all out on the lake, ready to take in the show from there and the glow sticks were clearly present.

This is one of the few fireworks shots I actually got as Bradley decided he didn't really like them and Uncle Jay wasn't good enough so I had to hold him most of the show.  It was half and hour long and a very good show.  Evan even enjoyed it once he got over his fear that they were going to fall on us.  After all, we were right underneath them and they were being shot off by the volunteer fire department (including my brother-in-law) just down the beach from us (in a fenced off area).

It was the perfect Canada Day and exactly what I had pictured when I envisioned taking my kids there to see it.  Even though the fireworks weren't over until 11:30 pm, they all had really good attitudes (even the baby who'd only had a short nap in the stroller all afternoon!).  What more could we want?


Until next time...