Monday, January 28, 2013

What A Difference A Week Makes!!

In just a week, I have gone from an incredibly miserable pregnant lady to a relatively normal person who can go out in public and actually do things again.  In just a week, we have gone from having the perfect car for us to needing a new one.  In just a week, we have gone from being unable to field a curling team to now having our own.  It's amazing what a week can do.

One week ago today, we welcomed into this world...
Bradley Edward Berkan
January 21, 2013
6:24 a.m.
8lbs 15oz
18" long
...and everything has changed!

The boys absolutely love their new baby brother (even Jonathan, who didn't want him to come out...and whose "Bradley" sounds a lot like "brownie" - very cute).  I'm also surprised at how quickly the routine is starting to come back to me.  My mom was able to come down on Wednesday the 23rd so she has been here since we got home from the hospital.  It was really nice as she did laundry, cooked meals and cleaned the bathroom (yay!).  We had a crazy house full of people last night but now the people are gone and life must return to normal.  Things seem to be settling into a routine, which is fantastic but only time will tell just how it all goes.  So, in case you're interested, here are a few photos from the last week.

Brand new baby getting checked over.

Checking out Mom.

It sure isn't all fun and games.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Sweet little sleeping boy.

Dad had to buy me my very first LEGO mini-figure.

The first bath at least all the screaming made me sleep well.

So, there you go.  That is the difference a week makes.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 5, 2013

37 1/2 Weeks...

...but who's counting?  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I am.  I'm doing what I highly advise against...paying very close attention to my due date and just how far away it is.  It's not a smart thing to do - the baby could be early, the baby could be late (or VERY late) but I just can't help it this time.  Maybe, since I know I'm doing it, it's OK for me to do?  I am just so very ready to be done with this pregnancy.  I am so ready to be able to leave the house and not have my feet take a day to recover from wearing socks and boots.  I'm so ready to be able to type for this long on my computer without my hands getting prickly and hot.  I'm so ready to get to sleep in my own bed again...and to fall asleep when my head hits the pillow.  I'm so ready to enjoy a  hot beverage or warm shower again.  In the grand scheme of things, I know there isn't much time left but these last few weeks sure seem to drag.  Also, I've got another hacking cough...seriously, I think I've been sick more times in the last three months than I have been in the last five years.  I'm done with it!  OK.  I'll quit complaining now :)

Christmas felt really different this year because of being pregnant and hyper-sensitive.  I watched our Christmas Eve service online, rather than attending and that was really different.  I didn't do a lot of the prep I usually do and now the trees and decorations will stay up until after the baby is born and my hands can handle touching that prickly stuff (or until someone else volunteers to do it).  It was a decent Christmas, though.  We had our family Christmas on Christmas Eve and the kids had a lot of fun.  They got much LEGO this year, which they love.  It's always fun to get to sleep on the floor by the Christmas tree, too.

Our annual family Christmas photo

On Christmas Day, we hosted Jason's family plus one other and had a good day.  I made turkey and stuffing and others supplied the rest.  It was hard on my poor feet and I did wear shorts but everyone else seemed to think it was cold.  It was a good day of family and games and celebrating Jesus' birth.

Nana's tradition of "re-enacting" the Christmas story with the grandkids.

On the 27th, we headed up to see my family.  It was hard being at Mom & Dad's place because it was always so warm with so many people in it.  However, I didn't have to cook and the bedroom we stayed in was wonderfully cool so I actually got to sleep in a bed!  It was good to be home because everyone was actually there this year.  It's been a couple of years since we've all been home for Christmas and my brother came in from overseas so I really didn't want to miss it!

The entire gang - all 24 of us (and 2 on the way!)

However, now we're home and I'm just refusing to leave my house unless I have to.  Hopefully this baby comes soon but I really need to focus on something else!  I guess this has just been a little update of our Christmas and no, I don't have the rest of June's photos ready since my hands have not been co-operating!

Until next time...