Tuesday, July 16, 2013

From Then Until Now(ish)...

Well, I'm back to the here and now and to the blog.  I've put out a "We're Open, Please Come In Sign" and now I need to get the show ready.  This will be mostly a visual show as it's really hard to hear me when I'm just talking to my computer.  Funny how these things are only "MOSTLY" automated.  However, depending what you think of my voice, the no audio visual show can be a gem of a finding.  This journey will take us from where we were to where we are(ish) (since I haven't taken the most recent photos off my camera yet).  It will be a journey through time and space, like no other on earth.  So, sit back, relax, grab a beverage (if you're quick) and here we go....

So, the last time we were together (for more than a brief interlude), we were here.  Yep, that's it...spring.  Maybe.  There was snow on the ground still (though this was taken May 6th, so it's kind of deceptive) and it was finally starting to warm.

At the present time, we find ourselves here.  Yep, that's it.  Summer time.  Long days, hot nights and hours with the water gun and sprinklers.  No schedules, relaxed bedtimes...all the things that make life grand (LONG LIVE SUMMER!).

In between these two, time did not stand still.  The pace was fast and furious.  First, we had these...the munchkin turned three months old (this was actually slightly before our last time together but we received these photos after).  As always, we had to make time stand still with a photo session with the wonderful Lindsey of Lilyfield Photography (really, she's awesome!)  Here is a brief sampling of the moment caught on film...(or not film as the case may be)...

After this moment, frozen in time, the days continued to march on.  Days continued to lengthen, laughter filled the air and new life came to be, in the form of a little friend for Bradley.  We simply had to go meet him.

It was never boring when you have these guys around.  Four small boys are able to fill the days like no other can.  Sometimes, they even sit still long enough to be captured on "film" (just accept it, I'm gonna keep using the word whether there's really film or not!)

Time flew further on and we got a chance to celebrate...who?...why me!  I guess that's what Mother's Day is for.  There was time spent with extended family but also a few fleeting moments captured with my boys.

A little further on, we witnessed more of the passage of time...the end of a year of music lessons.  Alexander performed at his recital (with a bit of encouragement) and did a wonderful job!

We captured 11 years in a moment.  This was our anniversary...supper out, a walk around the lake and a photo in an approximation of the place we stood for photos 11 years ago.  The dress was more casual but the commitment has never changed.

And in another era and another generation, time begins its movement forward.  Seemingly slowly to the young, while flying by for the older.  Young Jonathan turned...uh, let me check the cake...oh yeah...3!!  What a sweet little boy he is and if nothing else, he can charm you in a moment!

Further example of the melodic nature of time as we witnessed more musical serenades.  Evan finished off his well-enjoyed year of MYC with bells and piano pieces.

A time and a season comes to life for many things and this is a season for RescueBots!  These alien creatures came to visit a small house in Regina at the end of May and have held a young boy in their powers ever since.  (For 3 or 4 weeks, there were tears every time we left the house because the RescueBots could not come along!)

In amongst the chaos and business of life, there are moments of rest and peace.  None more so than when a babe is fast asleep.  What a precious time this is when all slows down.  Cuddle puppy and Mommy are all the world at that moment.

Then, it resumes, the chaos, the accomplishments, the end of the year.  Time bowls you over once again with a son who reads his story out in front of all the parents, with no help or reluctance...grade 2 is over and we must move on!

There's no chance to recover before you are at school to witness Kindergarten graduation for your second child.  When did they grow up so much?

This time is forever etched in memory.  Four small boys, piling on their Daddy.  This is how I'll remember them in years to come, regardless of how big they get.  Father's Day comes and goes with some family time.

The sands of time (or in this case, the gravel) continue to slip by as the ball diamond calls the young ones to fun and action.  Little League began for Evan this year and it was over too soon.  He loved to bat and run and catch the ball.

Three years later, Alexander is a Senior Rookie and time shows how all things change.  Now, they actually try to make plays, sometimes even getting an out.  But still, one thing does not change...the fun of baseball.

For others, time cannot move fast enough.  I want to be just like my big brothers.  So, in the backyard, he gets a taste of what is to come...ball!

The time has come to welcome more new life to this world!  Bradley not only has new friends, but a new cousin as well.  We will see how they grow up and older together.  It's so nice to have cousins close to your age (and a boy, to boot!)

In no time at all...they will be off!  Just like this little guy...when Mom & Dad's backs were turned, he decided to roll over.  The look in his eyes just screams, I knew I could, I was just waiting for the perfect moment...now watch me go!

We hope you have enjoyed our journey through space and time.  We invite you to come visit again, but for now, please exit at the back of the ride.

Until next time...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Haven't Forgotten Which Button to Press...

At least, I don't think I've forgotten!  You'll know I haven't if this actually makes it to post and doesn't just sit in "drafts"!  In case there's anybody still out there...way in the back of the hall...with one foot out the door, looking back over your shoulder for one more peek...just in case you missed something...I"M STILL HERE!!  It may be kind of echo-y in here but, way back in the corner, if you squint really hard, you might be able to make out the shadow of my form.

Honestly, it's been two months since I posted and it's kind of daunting trying to tackle an update of that magnitude.  I thought of just pretending that those months didn't exist and picking up like we'd never left off...like the hall never emptied and we were all still at the party.  Instead, I took a deep breath, waded through my photos and picked out just enough to highlight what's been going on around here in the last two crazy months.  I promise, it's been fun stuff but just incredibly busy!  The photos won't show up in this post but I will be back with them in the next few days.  I'm trying to finally cross things off my list (like my Christmas letter, in case you haven't gotten yours yet :) ).

Until next time...