Monday, October 20, 2014

Photo Shoot....Without the Shark!

So, long before Sears changed their pricing, we had decided to do the grandkid pictures ourselves.  Last time we went to Sears, they had no idea how to arrange nine people (and now there are 10), plus they didn't have a wide enough angle to get everyone in.  Alexander has been cut off in my picture frame for the last year!  Since summer flew by, we thought that we would do a fall theme this year and it really turned out quite nice.  The weather cooperated perfectly.  With four kids 3 and under, it was a VERY large challenge trying to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time.  These are some of my favourites.

I couldn't decide which of these two photos I liked best so I just included both of them.

I think this is one of my favourite poses but the bubbles were supposed to serve as a little less of a distraction!

This isn't the best photo, but it was an impromptu sit by the kids while I was scouting locations.  It's pretty cute, anyway.

Out of all of them, I think this is my favourite.  It's very fun and fall-like - and they're all pretty cute!

Then, we tried to get into the pile of leaves and, well, the littles were just done.  This photo is adorable but not in an "I'd put it up on my wall" kind of way.

While the pile of leaves was being made, the kids were just running around.  I got this most amazing photo of my oldest boy - absolutely no editing needed!  It's just so full of fun.

After we finished the big group, I tried to get one of just my boys.  Bradley wasn't too thrilled about more pictures but I don't have one since last summer and I think this turned out pretty cute, too.

So, there they are...the grandkids for another year.

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Once in a Lifetime Sighting

It truly was, I must say, a once in a lifetime sighting!  On Thanksgiving weekend, we went with the Berkan cousins to take an updated photo.  We had decided to do our own even before Sears changed its prices because they did not have enough space (or have any idea how to pose) nine, let alone ten, kids.  So, it was a beautiful fall day and off we went to the Leg to take some photos on the steps and in the leaves.  Little did we know when we went out that we would capture, on film (ish - like not film at all because who does that anymore?), an incredibly rare sight...

...the endangered Prairie Shark!!!...

It truly is a rare sight to see them breach their holes and show up outside.  We must work hard to save this wonderful, majestic creature!

And if you believe that, I've got a House Hippo I've just GOT to tell you about!

Until next time...

Sunday, October 12, 2014


So, as you can see, my posting certainly has not picked up this fall!  We're all settled into school and just finished last week...but I haven't seemed to gain any time.  There are projects to do, kids to get organized and school to help out at.  I certainly could use a break and some down time!  We have finished our paper route now, though, so yesterday I actually got to SLEEP IN (until teenage/young adult self would cringe) but it was lovely.  So, I finally got some photos off my camera and it's time to get them onto the blog!

Since we've posted a good part of the summer, I'm going to post one of our other big activities...the annual shenanigans at Rowan's Ravine with Jason's family.  The kids love this time so very much and we had a beautiful few days for it (other than the mosquitos, which are STILL here in October!), oh and the elevated e. coli levels in the lake.  So now, get ready for a whirlwind of photos!  Here we go....

First off, there were shirts...for all the kids.  Nana had these made to celebrate the trip.

Then there was play time...always play time...

...with bikes, even.

Sometimes the evenings are cool and a little hot chocolate is called for...

...or just sitting around a blazing fire.  At this point, I noticed that my toes looked so sad without nail polish on them so...

...time to paint some nails!  Lily quite enjoyed this little activity.

The ever present, always popular wagon was a hit this year.  The kids weren't so sure about pulling Papa, though!

They would rather that he pulled them!

The boys are getting older so there is more sport-like things like football.

Still always room for cars, though.  Bradley loved that they went down the ramp.

Jonathan loved the Transformers bike helmet.  He rode the bike a bit but simply refused to take the helmet off!

Just hanging out...

...and playing games.  Another great activity to keep the kids busy.

Since the levels of e. coli were elevated, the beaches were closed.  We brought our own water fun, though, in the form of a couple of sprinklers.  The kids really didn't seem to get the concept of running through the sprinklers so someone had to show them! :)

This kid decided it was awesome!

Then there were more games...everyone deep in thought.

Uncle Eric and Aunt Louise came out for a bit of a visit, too.

Nana had a lot of activities to keep the kids going.... paper towel tubes...


...mentos and grape soda...

...drawing on canvas...

...and the ever popular glow sticks.

Bush pies in the fire certainly kept us well-nourished (and then some, probably).

We had to get a photo of all the grandkids in their Rowan's Ravine shirts.  It turned out pretty well.

One with Nana and Papa, too.

Then, there was the annual nature hike.  It's always nice to get out and see some grasslands.  The mosquitos like it when we come out, too.

I think Uncle Craig thought the hike needed a little bit of an extreme twist.

Those are the cabins we stayed at in the background.

On our last full day there, the beaches reopened and the kids actually got to go down and play in the sand and the waves.

Then it was time for mini-golfing.  My hat's off to Jason & Steve for attempting to wrangle this crew (rather than letting them run through in about 4.8 seconds, like they did last year!)  

The beautiful summer sky...

This kid was've got to check out this series of photos.  He loved the gophers.  Seriously...the best part of his vacation.  He spent the whole time chasing them (while poor Erin was trying to convince them to eat our of her hand).  You see him here, checking the gopher out...

...then he would spot it and the chase was on... had a safe hiding place but Bradley wasn't fooled.  He would wait for that gopher to come back out!

Then once again, off to the races!  He actually scared away all the gophers for a time.  They headed for the hills.  Then, he started chasing birds.  Crazy kid!

After we cleaned up, we headed down to the play park for a bit before lunch.

Then it was time for lunch and ice cream at the local eatery.

Could he be any happier about it?

There you go.  The annual trip to Rowan's Ravine.  I know everyone had a ton of fun.  Soon, I may even be back with photos from the rest of our summer.  You just never know when I might get a minute! :)

Until next time...