Sunday, November 28, 2010

November 26th and 27th

November 26 - Today I am thankful for people who help out to get a task done. My parents purchased a display set of cabinets from Rona and forget their ladder and drill battery here when they left (at the store). They wanted us to pick it up for them...not a big deal except the ladder does not fit in our car. Jason's co-worker has a van and told Jason he'd take him to the store at lunch time to get the stuff. It turned out to be a wonderful thing as Jason's Dad's van was not working that day (that was our back up plan). I guess God provides even little things :)

November 27 - Today was another grumpy day...I really gotta quit having those. Attitude is a choice, after all. I should remind myself of that next time... Anyway, some of my grump had to do with my stubborn children so today I decided to be thankful for them. I really do love them and they do make me smile so often. I'm thankful that Jonathan is (usually-but not today) laid back and smiley...especially when he won't co-operate and I get annoyed and then he gives me that cute little grin - who can stay mad! I'm thankful that Evan loves to cuddle. He can be our toughest boy but he can also be the most charming. When he flashes that smile and crawls up next to you to cuddle, it just melts you. I'm thankful to see Xander becoming more comfortable in social situations. He is such a fun boy and loves to play games and give surprise hugs but he is really shy. Tonight, we went to a work kids' Christmas party and he had a blast and even made friends with another little boy. I guess I'm not grumpy anymore...who can be with all this stuff to be thankful for?

That kids' Christmas party, by the way, was so fun. It was held at Dino-bouncers and the kids had a blast. Evan loved the toddler one with balls and a little slide. I think he would have liked the bigger one but there were too many big kids in it. Xander loved the giant slide and went on it over and over again! It was a great place for a party! Anyway, it's late now so I should go.

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  1. "Count Your Blessings" makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? I love that hymn! I think we all need to remember to be thankful for things (and people) that make us grumpy and then we'll get "un-grumpy"! Thanks for the good post!!