Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 21-24

I've been slacking...I've come up with things I'm thankful for, I just haven't blogged them. Also, I have some cute photos to edit and put up but they're still on my camera! It's been snowing and snowing here...again. Big surprise. The roads are getting yucky, though. I'm just glad they were decent for all my running around yesterday. So far, I count 4 big snow storms this year...mid October - about 12"...late October - about 8"...mid November (18th) - about 12"...yesterday/today - about 7"...seriously...I think that's enough snow for a winter. There's been a bit in between but not too much. Luckily, last winter had little snow after January so the city still has a budget to clear the roads!! Anyway, I think this calls for a stay in kind of day tomorrow...I have things I could go to but we've got so many things this week that I think a breather is in order! Now for the thankfulness...

Nov 21 - Today I'm thankful for the abundance that we have and that we can share some of that with a child through child sponsorship!

Nov 22 - Today I am thankful for modern medicine. It was immunization day for Jonathan and I think of all the nasty childhood diseases that have been essentially eradicated and I am thankful.

Nov 23 - Today I am thankful that the snow held off for the day so I could go out and do the errands I needed to before there were a couple more inches of snow on the ground (read: roads and I would have had to drive in it!)

Nov 24 - Today I am thankful for things that put a smile on my I particularly think of this YouTube video Cherpumple (I actually saw the photos of someone who made it!) and this adorable blog - Color Me Katie - I don't know her but she is so quirky and cute and there is pretty much always something there that makes me smile!

Until next time...

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