Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 23 - Favourite Vacation and Day 24 - Something You've Learned

Well, did I tell you that Jason found my receipts for me...sitting on a table in the basement. I had checked the basket next to that spot but not on the table. Seriously...some days!! Anyway, my year end is delivered to the accountant and now I can relax a bit! I will even be caught up with my blogging after today! Yay! So, here we go.

Day 23 - Favourite Vacation

I'd have to say that my favourite vacation was the one Jason and I took for our first anniversary. We went to France for three weeks. We had such a great time riding the train, exploring the country and eating the food!! I didn't get to practise my French as much as I'd like but I did use it a few times. There are tons of stories I could tell but that might get kind of long (though if you want to hear them, feel free to ask!) We really enjoyed the north of France. It was quiet and quaint and so full of history (especially since Jason's a bit of a WWII buff). We spent time at the D-Day beaches and Vimy Ridge:
This was the least touristy area that we visited and I think we really like that! Also, we got to stay in a castle (13th century, I believe) and that was awesome!

We did spend some time in Paris, though 5 days was a bit more than we would have liked (but good, otherwise we would have had to go to Switzerland to get to Paris to catch or flight home!). Due to striking, the Metro was not a practical choice so it was a good thing that our hotel was just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower.
We also walked over to Notre Dame (but it was a VERY long walk and by the end of three weeks we were used to walking everywhere so that may give you an indication!) Isn't the stained glass gorgeous?
I also got to see Monet's famous garden in Givernay! This was a quaint little town, as well and the irises were in full bloom when we were there!
Those are all the photos that I have scanned from that vacation but we also saw some of the castles in the Loire Valley and spent time on the Mediterranean coast/in Monaco (we even went to the F1 race there)! It was a fantastic vacation and we loved every minute of it!

Day 24 - Something You've Learned

Wow - that's wide open and could be anything. There are many things I've learned in life and many things I have yet to learn. Here are a few things (big and small) that I have learned:

1. God's plans are better than mine. Period.
2. The first day in a foreign country, we always mess something up!!
3. Problems are really just adventures.
4. It's OK if things aren't perfect or done my way (OK, I'm still working on learning this!)
5. Socks don't go missing in the wash if you put them together when you take them off
6. My kids' behaviour often improves at the same time as my attitude.
7. Things are rarely as bad as they seem.
8. Pens migrate. Even after the drawer has been loaded with several...they all seem to disappear.
9. It's not so bad to do the dishes everyday before going to my "fun" things.
10. Kids make you laugh.

There you go, some things I've learned!

Until next time...


  1. I so agree with the pen comment. The only way they don't go anywhere is if you tie them to the desk or never put them down.

  2. Awesome pictures Sandra... plus I love your list of learned thing! made me laugh!

  3. Great pics of France! And they sound like lessons well learned! So funny!