Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 25 - Put Your iPod on Shuffle, First 10 Songs

Well, this was a bit difficult, since I don't actually have an iPod. Jason did put my music on his old iPod nano for when I was in the hospital with Jonathan but it hasn't been used since and I'm sure it needs to be charged!! However, apparently, I can open iTunes and put it on shuffle and since Jason had to rip my CDs to that to put them on the is my list of 10 songs:

1. Man Like Me - Steve Larsen
2. What I Really Want to Say - Steven Curtis Chapman
3. Wave Over Wave - Great Big Sea
4. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear - Josh Groban
5. Little Drummer Boy - Audio Adrenaline
6. Barque in the Harbour - Great Big Sea
7. For Future Generations - 4Him
8. I Want to Be the One - Lonestar
9. Must Be Love - Lonestar
10. The Sycamore Tree - Paul Brandt

Really, I listen to very little music...this list isn't quite representative (since I only have one Lonestar CD but about 5 Paul Brandt CDs) but you can see I listen to some local artists, Great Big Sea, Paul Brandt, Contemporary Christian and Christmas music! That's about it. I'm kinda picky about my music (I think I'm just picky about a lot of things :D) so there aren't very many artists on my playlist!

Until next time...

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  1. I am going to do this today - just for fun! That is if I can figure out how to shuffle on itunes, because I don't have an ipod either...