Sunday, February 20, 2011

Days 26 to 28 - Catching Up

Well, I'm here trying to catch up on my blog posts! It's a long weekend this weekend here in SK and I'm trying to enjoy it!! Actually, I'm trying to get things done - I spent all yesterday on the other side of my computer trying to get my finances all straightened out and I'm almost done, which is very exciting for me! Otherwise, I'm not up to much - oh except ruining supper and fun things like that!

So, Friday night, I went to make beef stroganoff. The meat was browning in the oven and the sauce was starting on the stove. I was a bit behind (as is often the case with making supper!). I had the sour cream, mushroom soup and mushrooms in the pot and was trying to get the beef bouillon powder out of the spice cupboard above the stove. I heard a big crash (right as Jason walked in the door) and saw something fall out of the cupboard. It feel right into my pot on the stove. The burner wasn't on yet, so I finished what I was doing and went to fish it out, thinking I would just take it out and go on. Well, my vanilla (brand new just a month ago - the bigger bottle) had fallen into my pot. The glass jar didn't break (whew!) but the little plastic lid broke into two pieces and my stroganoff was now filled with vanilla (and vice versa). I'm not a really adventurous eater and I know some may like vanilla in savoury dishes but I think it was too much. Needless to say, we ordered in that night! The worst part was the waste of the vanilla - that sucked!

So, now on to the three days I need to catch up on:

Day 26 - A Picture of Your Family

Since families have different levels, I thought I'd post a few pictures for you to get a better view of who these people all are.

This is my immediate family - these are our photos from last summer (taken by Lilyfield Photography!) They turned out so cute!

This is from a year ago (Christmas 2009). This is my side of the family. I have six siblings and there are numerous spouses and grandkids in there. Since this photo was taken we have added one to our family and two of my sisters are soon to add another one each.
This photo is from this past Christmas of Jason's family. He has two sisters and their family members.
So, those are our families in photo form!

Day 27 - Pets

Nope. We have none. To be honest, I used to have a cat (named Ned) but I've decided that pets are way more work than I want to put in. I don't really want to clean up after them and the kids haven't decided that they really want one so I have no reason to get one. Jason likes dogs but he doesn't really want to clean up after them, either. Growing up we lived in the country and we always had tons of cats around but they were lower maintenance because they were farm cats and stayed outside. We had a few dogs over time but they seemed to disappear quickly. We also managed to kill off several goldfish but I don't think that's too big an accomplishment!

Day 28 - Something that Stresses You Out

Hmmm. I'm not sure what to put here. I don't stress out really easily but I'm sure there must be something that stresses me out. I just can't think of it at the moment. Well, I guess the only thing that comes to mind is winter driving. Not the regular stuff but when there's been a couple inches of snow and the roads are icy, then it kinda stresses me out. I try not to do it any more than I have to! :) Being late stresses me out a bit, too. I hate it but it rarely happens so it doesn't cause me too much stress!

There we go, I guess I'm caught up now!

Until next time...

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  1. Sorry about the stroganoff mishap! I'm not sure I'd like it with a lot of vanilla, either. I did that one time, too, but it was a box of salt! Needless to say, after a bunch of potatoes boiled in it, we ate it anyway - no ordering in or eating out back then. Yuck! I'm beginning to think we are very much alike! Love ya