Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 16 - Dream House

Well, today was a quiet day at home (though I was babysitting but that's no big deal when the kids just play and watch shows!) Though it was quite funny. After lunch I made the kids turn the TV off. Of course there was the why? What should we do? kinda questions. So I told them they could do puzzles or play toys...then I thought some more and said...or someone could clean my kitchen and my bathrooms need to be done too! What do my children do? Do they play toys or maybe a game? Nope! Evan decides he wants to clean the bathroom and Xander gets all excited about doing the dishes! Crazy kids. Now, I did have to sneak in to the bathroom to see what Evan thought cleaning it was and he had the toilet brush out happily swishing away at the toilet! It was pretty cute!

So, today's post is about my dream house...I can't afford my dream house (reference point#14 on day 1's list of interesting facts). I love huge old homes and big wrap around porches and staircases that branch off in either direction...I love in floor heating and jet tubs and body sprays in the shower. I love river rock tile and granite countertops. I love kitchens big enough to feed an army out of! My perfect house would be something with all the charm and character and hand work of an old house but brand new so there was little to no maintenance! I don't have my dream house but I do live in my reality house (good thing it's not a dream or we'd be pretty cold right now!). I love the house we have (with a few caveats). Maybe I should say that I love the house it could be and hopefully will be over time. The location is's a nice size so that we don't have to worry about space. I do hate the current kitchen but it will be fabulous once it's renovated. The bathrooms needs to be redone and so does the basement but they are gorgeous and perfect in my head (if only my bank account would agree!!) However, those quirks are part of what allowed us to even afford this house in the first place so I'm OK with them!

Until next time...