Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Falling Further Behind...

Well, Jason tells me I'm supposed to post since I'm getting further and further behind! Real life has been taking up time lately! I've been trying to get a year end together and then it's teacher and staff appreciation week this week so I was at a work day today (not that they're any fun :D) and I really had a good time! It is so awesome, getting to know some of the other parents and some of the teachers a bit, too!

Also, I love this layout so much that I'm going to share it here. For credits you can go here to my scrap blog! I love this page so much and isn't Jonathan just adorable?!
Oh yeah...Xander passed his swimming lessons!! I was so excited for him! Now, we just have to keep him practising so that he doesn't lose it all before the next set of lessons in the summer!

So, Day 21 is a picture of yourself. Well, there are very few of these! I am behind the camera 99% of the time, unless I tell someone to take a picture of me and then they usually look like I told someone to take a picture of me! Anyway, I like the ones from Christmas but I've shared several of those already and they always have someone else in them so this time, I will do a picture of just me! This was taken after I had a makeover from my MaryKay lady! I've edited it a bit but that's what photo software is for! :)
It's not my favourite photo of me but it's not too bad! This leads well to day 22...

Day 22 - What's in Your Makeup Bag?

Makeup bag? What's that? If you see me very often, you'll know that I wear little to no makeup. I just don't bother for the most part but I also often can't get it to look how I want it to! I actually wore eyeshadow to Jason's Christmas party and that's the first time in ages!! I have managed to purchase mostly MaryKay makeup now...it's very high quality so I really like it. I have a blush, a couple of eyeshadows, brown eyeliner, eyesicles (glittery white highlighter), foundation and some mascara. I use MaryKay's hydrating gel on a semi-regular basis and that has definitely improved some of those lines I'm getting!! Oh, and this is not actually kept in a bag...it's in my medicine cabinet!

That's enough catch up for today. I'm excited for the next post...my favourite vacation...I'd better find some photos to go along with it!

Until next time...


  1. Jonathan IS adorable, and that's a wonderful layout.

  2. "Isn't Jonathan adorable?" Oh my, he is the most adorable baby! I love his sweet little smile and I love the picture of you!!

  3. Wonderful layout Sandra! I think it is a good picture of you! When I take mine, it only seems like the 900th one is ok!

  4. You put it into words! The pictures of me totally look like I just asked someone to take a picture of me! Maybe it's b/c I smile all fake and weird b/c I'm thinking, "Is this vain and stupid that I just asked to have my picture taken?!" :)