Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second Post Today! Day 9 - A Picture of Your Friends

Friends is such an interesting topic. I've had trouble deciding where to go with this. I don't feel that I really have a lot of friends. Some people call me outgoing ;) and I will admit I have a lot of acquaintances...but I wouldn't necessarily call them friends. Especially in this day and age, I think we're a little loose with the term "friends" - just because you're on my facebook, doesn't necessarily mean we're actually friends. Would I call you in a pinch? Would I cry on your shoulder? These people are actually friends. Now that I think about it, I have had groups of friends throughout my life, so maybe I'll talk about them...and no I don't have pictures - what I do have is mostly on film and I'm not scanning it tonight!

There was my best friend in grade school - Hannah. We were the smart girls and the outcasts but we had each other and we could talk up a storm!! She moved a town over for high school but we kept in touch and then we went to the same university. Life has taken us in different directions but we occasionally email and that kind of thing, still.

There was a group of us in university that I would consider friends. We went through the same program and then went through professional training together, too. There were four of us and some of us still live in the city but life has gotten so busy that we have kinda lost touch. I've been meaning to get ahold of the girls to go out for supper again! The one I keep in best touch with actually lives in New Zealand and I wish I could see her more often!

Often, I consider my family my best friends :). In high school, I was one of the few Christians in the school and a good chunk of the others were related to me! So, we hung out (and fought - as in my brothers). My brother and I moved in together when we went to university and had a group of friends through our college and career group. We used to hang out and play games and just have a ton of fun...again, I am now related to a good chunk of those people. A subgroup of this were "the guys"...my two brothers (once the younger one came to town and moved in, too), my boyfriend at the time (now my husband), and three other guys. I loved these guys like brothers and still do. Every Sunday night was X-Files, Simpsons and Golden Eye at our place! Now, some are married and some have moved off. I count it a privilege to have connected immediately with one of the now wives and though they live several hours away, we still try to keep in touch and can visit for hours on end! Another of them lives in town with his wife and I also count her among my friends. I have really enjoyed getting to know her over the years (though we really need to see more of them :D ).

There are other friends but I don't want to bore you - though our care group at church deserves a special mention, too! We meet weekly and have for several years to care for each other and grow in God's word - I consider these people fabulous friends!

I hope that's not too rambling. I kept having a couple trains of thought go through my mind and I think they may have met each other in this post, making it a bit confusing! Sorry!

Anyway, I'm done now in case you actually made it this far! Also, it's late so maybe I'll be more coherent tomorrow!

Until next time...


  1. Yay!! I made a list!! I am the now wife that lives several hours away right??? Wish we could see you more. Perhaps another friends only trip soon or perhaps a stay at your place so we can see you more trip anyway. With kids now the grandparents would kill us if we didn't at least drop in. Free in March??


  2. I love the rambly explanation! I'm going to do mine, but it will be a similar rambly thinking aloud and typing as I go!

  3. I feel the same way, friends is a term too loosely used nowadays...I love this list - I might have to steal it too someday - although, remember I never came close to finishing p365 - I don't even know if I got through the month! I guess I am bad at finishing projects too!