Monday, November 10, 2014

Texas Ain't Got Nothin' On Us!

So, around here, the recent theme has been BIG!  You'd think that maybe we lived in Texas, not Saskatchewan!  Anyway, we bought a fridge.  We went looking at fridges so that we could tell our designer what we were thinking and she could fit it into our design.  Originally, I had rejected this fridge because it was so big and too expensive.  Upon further research, though, I really loved that 1/2 of the bottom could alternate between freezer and fridge as need be.  I always want more fridge.  Then, it was on a significant we bought it.  I had thought about whether it would fit in the front door.  The salesman said it would, so that was OK.  Then, came delivery time...the delivery guys lugged this enormous (about 400 lb) fridge to our front door, completely stripped down (no doors hardware etc) and brought it in...or, rather tried.  Less than 1/4".  That's what it missed by.  That's why it ended up in the garage....

We managed (with some help) to disassemble the side doorway so that it could fit in and, during my second child's birthday party, the delivery guys returned to ACTUALLY bring it in the house.  This is what it looks like...huge and wonderful.  I love it!

Just about this same time, we had our very first t-bone steaks from the (very large) cow we recently purchased.  I must say, these steaks were massive but oh so good!  I forgot to take a photo until they were gone, but this is a dinner sized plate with the remnants of one of our steaks.

I'm hoping to do up some posts in the next couple of days and schedule them, but we'll see how that ends up!

Until next time...

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