Thursday, November 13, 2014

Happy Hallowe'en!

Before these get too out of date, I thought this would be my next post (the other photos are already WAY out of date so a bit longer won't hurt!).  I'm not a huge fan of Hallowe'en, or dressing up, really, so Jason does it with the boys.  I stay home and hand out candy to our 17 kids that come to the door.  We so don't get many kids!  Anyway, Jason has scaled back his making of costumes lately, since he now has to make four.  This year, we cleverly dressed them all up as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!  They watch the old cartoon on Friday evenings and we got these shirts for cheap at Wal-Mart.  Jason made them weapons and masks and it was really cute.  We were trying to get them into their coats for trick or treating and Bradley didn't want to get his on.  So, I told him, if you put your coat on you can go out and get candy.  Instant cooperation!  Seriously, 18 months old and addicted already.  However, I did not tell Jason this so apparently Bradley screamed at the first four houses since Jason kept him in the stroller.  At the fifth house, the lady specifically gave him something so then he was happy the rest of the time!  Oops.  It was a fun evening for them getting out in the neighbourhood and it wasn't even too cold (and no snow).

My turtles...

Until next time...

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