Saturday, November 15, 2014

Deep Denial...

It's true.  I'm so totally in denial.  I'm not ready for winter.  I know, I know, it's November and we only just got snow that stuck to the ground.  That's awesome.  It's supposed to be really cold this week, though, and it's been such a gorgeous fall that I'm just not ready.  So, I'm going to live in the summer a bit longer and share some fun photos from the rest of our hang out at home summer.  I hope you enjoy living in the warmth with me for just a bit longer!

My hard work for the summer...a finished blanket.  I really love the fact that it's finished!  We put it to good use all summer and fall, too.

My sweet little garden.  It even survived the massive rains at the beginning of the year and some things grew pretty well.

The boys wanted to go to a park so I thought we'd try this new one I'd heard of.  It is dinosaur themed and fantastic for little boys who like to climb (even this little daredevil!)

Careful...that dinosaur might just have you for lunch!

Aw, that baby dinosaur looks a lot like my Evan :)

Bigger challenges existed for the bigger kids, too.  So fun.

Then it rained.  Again.  But really, it rained so hard that the water actually shot UP out of the down spout.  Crazy rain.

Then there was the LEGO show at the Western Development Museum in Moose Jaw.  It's always a hit.  Can you tell how much Jonathan liked this train?

The Snowbird area was a favourite with Alexander.

Finally.  My husband gets to go sometimes but I rarely get to go to a Rider game.  I even won these tickets (end zone but not as bad as I thought and we won the game so it was all good!)

Tell me this isn't the cutest photo of a dirty little boy that you ever did see.  My garage has great summer lighting.

A new in the park.  We took the kids to see Despicable Me 2 (and later the LEGO Movie) in the park.  It was such a fun time and totally free :)

There were even crafts.  Isn't that a cute little minion?

And rarely is a summer of ours complete without swimming lessons and some out of town relatives.

Getting in with the life jacket.

Deep water - treading water.

I never thought, a year ago, that this boy would be willingly floating UNDER water!

I was there, too!  Just hangin' out.

Then it was time for a birthday!

And more play time at the park...this kid is a goof.

After swimming lessons, it was VBS.  Always a crazy but fun week!  It was secret agent week and these guys had their suave outfits and disguises down perfectly!

So that was the majority of the summer.  The photos make me feel so much warmer (or it may be that I'm in the warmest room in our house - the basement but you can make of that what you will!)

Until next time...


  1. You have really great pictures of the cutest boys!! Love them all!

  2. Where is that dinosaur park? Never heard of it!