Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Birthday Bash!

Finally, we got my Evan's birthday.  I can't believe how much faster time seems to fly the older I get.  My second born is now 7!  He certainly had a fun time celebrating at school, with friends and with family.  It seems like just yesterday that he was a baby, sleeping in his car seat.  Now, he's growing up.  He is a very creative boy and loves school.  He has a zest for life that makes our lives interesting, too.  We love him so very much.

This is his actual birthday with the cupcakes we sent to school.

Here was his friends' party.  They decorated their own cupcakes and were generally just a large group of young boys so it was a bit crazy at times!

This was definitely the hit, though.  We found shrinky dinks and the kids got to make them.  Watching them shrink in the oven is ALWAYS the best part!  If you notice the tiny space between my oven and the cupboard, that's because the delivery guys were there bringing our giant fridge in at the same time!

Then, we celebrated with family.  Grandma & Grandpa Stein even managed to come down.  This was Evan's request for a cake.  It was all about the six candles around the side and a 7 in the middle.  It's nice when they want simple things at times!

There you have it.  Now, seven years old and we're sure looking forward to the years to come.

Until next time...

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