Monday, November 24, 2014

Fall Fun!

So, while I wished for summer not to end, fall did eventually arrive.  On the bright side, the weather was very summer-like for a good part of the fall.

The biggest excitement (?) of the fall is school starting.  Half of my kids are gone everyday and this was their first day...

Fall also brings football in our house...CFL, NFL and touch!  I didn't get out to many games this year because the scheduling didn't work well for having the little one out at the games.  We did all attend the wind up, though.  How fun that they get to play at Mosaic Stadium.  This is one of the coolest things the kids get to do.

It was FREEZING that day.  We weren't quite dressed for it, even.  I think this photo of Bradley is adorable but it was before he melted down.  The only time he would quit crying was when we actually walked out of the stadium.  Eventually, he and I went out and sat in the van with the heat cranked.

Field trips are always great fun, too.  I love to go with the kids whenever I can.  It must have been 30 degrees the day we went to Pumpkin Hollow and we were the only ones there so it was just a fabulous day for the kids.  I don't have many pics because most of them have classmates in them so here is one of Evan at Pumpkin Hollow.

Then I went out to Flying Creek with Alexander's class for their outdoor ed trip.  Those are always a lot of fun, even if there are no bathrooms!  The valley really is beautiful.

The other wonderful thing about fall is produce from the garden!  Truthfully, my garden needed another month because the spring was just too wet and cool.  These veggies were better because I left them in the ground, even after it froze.  They did taste yummy and the harvest wasn't too bad.

Fall can be such a lovely time of year and it really was this year.  The snow even held off a bit.  Now, we're back into busy schedule and things are crazy as they always are this time of year but this is our life!

Until next time...

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  1. I am hearing you on the extra month. My carrots didn't look nearly as awesome as yours and my beets were even worse... They looked like cherry tomatoes. Lol.