Monday, November 17, 2014

Major Milestones

Hey, here's another scheduled post!  (Can you see a theme...the titles are alliterative...unless you're particular and then you might argue that you need three words to be alliterative but we're not going to worry about that :) ).

When we last left my summer, I did leave out one major thing.  A certain person in this house reached a certain milestone.  We may not say what it was but suffice it say that it begins with a 4 and ends with an 0.  I remember when that used to seem SO old but I guess things change.  Anyways, we celebrated in quantity this year.

The first party was on Jason's actual birthday.  Here he is on his big birthday with his four boys.  Neither picture is perfect, but if you combine them in your head ('cause I was too lazy to do it in Photoshop) they come close!

Oh, wait, he has a wife, too.  Here we are, ready for a night on the town (with his family).

We ate at a wonderfully delicious Italian eatery in town.  This was Jason's big birthday dinner.

And here was mine.  I just can't pass up rack of lamb when I get an excuse to eat it.  So yummy!

Then it was back home to have "cake" with the kids.  Technically there is cake in a trifle so it's all good.

Then came party #2.  What 40 year old doesn't need a night of playing *cough* dolls...I mean Warhammer.  Several friends came over to play and observe.

We even had some cake...this writing is in tribute to dear Miriam (see her cake in the previous post).

Finally, there was party #3 the next weekend.  A night of games with the gang.  But no cake...just chips.  The celebrations really go downhill after #2.

So, as you can see, 40-year-olds aren't tired because they're's because they won't stop partying!  Anyway, I bug him a lot about his age but that's just because I'm younger than him :).  Truth is, I don't care about age but I do care that I am so blessed as to get to share my life with this man - and not just on his birthday!

Until next time...


  1. Aww, that's my baby!! 40 used to seem old time, too! Guess what 62 feels like!

  2. Not to be picky, but I do believe I took that picture of you two AFTER your big night on the town! ;) (Just think of the post you could have done if we had done an Amazing Race for his 40th!!)