Friday, May 4, 2012


Well, I got a bunch of pictures ready to post the other day but I never got around to doing it.  I can't believe it's May already!!  I am so far behind in posting my photos.  I will try to catch up but not likely until after this weekend since it's {inter}National Scrapbooking Day!  Too much scrapping to do!!  Also, it has been a weird last month in that I have gotten sick (with a NASTY cold) and, 3 weeks later, I'm finally over it.  I rarely get sick and never for that long so it was really annoying.  Then, Jonathan hurt his knee (a VERY minor sprain or so the doctor thinks) and then he got a cold, which turns kinda croup-y and had him up a couple nights ago.  Last night was the fun part, though.  Xander got sick and so I spent most of the night on the couch with him.  I barely slept and when I did, it was sitting up so I'm surprisingly lucid at the moment.

On another note...I have been enjoying my brand new oven.  In fact, yesterday I cooked in the two ovens at two different temperatures at the same time!!  It was very exciting and it seemed to work.  It is definitely taking some adjusting to get used to an oven that works properly.  I have to figure out all new cooking times and what things look like when they're done is just different.  I did bake cookies two sheets at a time last weekend but I think I over-baked them just a bit.  We're getting there, though and then it will be wonderful!  I did try out the defrost feature, which was kinda cool.  I forgot to take my chicken thighs out early enough so I tossed them in the oven on defrost and, in 45 minutes, they were perfectly defrosted...none of those slightly cooked edges or anything.  I can see that will come in handy!

Anyway, on to the photos now...

March 1 - The kids can be so good at helping when they want to be.  This was one of those mornings as Evan "neatly" (for a 4 year old) folded his pyjamas to put them away for the day.

March 2 - We celebrated Jason's Mom's birthday (though it's in February but she was gone then).  It was a big one for her this year and here she is...Nana with all her grandkids.

March 3 - Another one of those little things that make up our days.  Saturday...time to organize the money and the receipts from the week and get ready for another week.

March 4 - Evan's round of treatments.  He ended up going to a paediatrician for his eczema and this is what we got.  Some hydrocortisone cream and really expensive lotion.  Now, we have cheaper lotion but it does keep it away, as long as we're diligent.

March 5 - One of Evan's papers.  He so loves letters and numbers and printing and learning.  These are all his wonderful 8's.  He was practising his new number.

March 6 - The day that we had no power.  You can read the whole story on my blog here.  This, however, is the little doodad that saved my day from complete waste.

March 7 - What a cute kid but you'd think someone was trying to steal his food the way that he shoves these cold cuts in his mouth.  Well, at least he's eating them (except when he chokes himself 'cause he shoved the whole thing in his mouth...why do kids think we have teeth, I wonder...)

March 8 - It was Mom's group at church but there was no school.  So, we arranged for one of the high school kids down the street (who also goes to our church) to come over to watch Evan and Xander.  Jonathan came with me to church.  Well, the played Mario Kart ALL morning long...they did the entire complement of 32 races (I think) and this is where they all ended up.  He was really good with the kids, though, and did a great job of letting Evan finish ahead of him (or at least not last) and encouraging him.  This did require that he stayed (of his own will) for an hour after I got home.

March 9 - No school so it was pyjama day at our house.  Sometimes these are nice (though they are generally not productive).  This is the pretty pattern and edging on the pyjamas my mom got me for my birthday.

March 10 - It was picture day today.  All the Berkan grandkids got together to do a photo for Nana.  We went with the pastel colour scheme this year and it turned out quite cute (though the better pose never had everyone looking!)  These are my guys before we head off.  I love how Xander and Jonathan are looking at each other.

So, I'll try to get more photos done after the weekend but until then, I'm just gonna have a grand old time!!

Until next time...


  1. Ooo, I think your picture of me and the grandkids is better than the ones I got with my camera. I may have to steal it! The other pictures are so cute and interesting. I can hardly wait for your blogs to see more!!!

  2. Great pictures Sandra! I caught up on a couple of posts here and especially liked and can relate to the one (in this post or the last) of the tornado with legs on...LOL!! I have one of those myself!