Friday, May 18, 2012

A Sacred Day

Before God and these witnesses, 
I make this promise - that I will 
choose to love you each day of our 
lives together.  God has given us this 
love and, beause of it, I will always 
be your best friend, standing beside 
you throughout the good times and the 
bad.  Today I marry you and give you 
 my heart and my love, which shall 
always be yours.

These are the words that Jason and I said to each other 10 years ago today.  It was a solemn vow, a promise to be faithful to each other and to the God who gave us to each other.  Here we are...10 years later.  A bit older, a few more kids, a few vacations, one more house than we had back then but still working on living out these words.  I just thought I'd take you on a bit of an journey through our last ten years.

2002 - Young, in love and just married!  (In fact, 10 years ago about an hour from now)

2003 - Our first anniversary spent in Calais, France

2004 - We purchased our very first home.

2005 - No longer two, we added Alexander.

2006 - Fun times as a family of 3.

2007 - Along comes the next one...we welcome Evan.

2008 - Our kids' first time on an airplane and other fun in Tijuana, Mexico.

2009 - Adventures with toddlers.  The jerseys are symbolic of Jason's finishing university.

2010 - Still comes Jonathan.

2011 - Just enjoying life and each other.

2012 - Everyone's growing up so fast...Easter this year.

2013...and beyond - who knows?  But I sure am looking forward to it.

It has been a wonderful 10 years and here's to the next 10!!  (By the way, we're definitely the old married couple since we're spending our 10th anniversary throwing a 2nd birthday party for our youngest! :) ).

Until next time...

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  1. I am so happy the Lord brought you two together and Jason "finally" proposed!! Happy 10th and God bless you for the next however long He gives you together. You are a great couple and great parents and have given us 3 adorable grandsons!! Love you both!