Monday, May 14, 2012

March Part III...

Well, yesterday was Mother's Day and it really was a beautiful day.  We had a lot to do at church in the morning but we did get to spend a good afternoon and evening together.  We all went to Xander's Little League game and then had a picnic in the park.  It was nice just to sit out in the beautiful weather.  My kids got me a remote control for my camera so we even took a few family photos!  Then, we played a few games at home and the day was good.

It does look like summer has arrived as the weather is just beautiful and forecasted to stay that way for a bit.  It's nice to have the sun out again!  It's going to be a busy week this week again but it's all good.  Jonathan turns 2 on Sunday but we're celebrating on Friday (same day as our 10th anniversary).  Not to mention ball, ball and more ball :).  Good thing I actually enjoy ball and we get to sit outside in nice weather, rather than getting up at 5 a.m. in the dead of winter for hockey! :)

Anyway, here is the rest of our March...

March 22 - The day was nice and the cement was dry so Xander just had to try out the 3D chalk he got for Christmas.  It really does work and he totally thought it was cool...though maybe his look isn't with these glasses on...

March 23 - This was conference day at school.  The other boys had gone to Auntie's so that Mom & Dad could both go to the conferences and, of course, Xander came along to school, too.  Xander's choice after that was to spend the entire day with just him and Mom.  We had fun together and played at the park some (even though it was cold - notice my winter jacket).

March 24 - Jonathan's getting into the swing of things in the kitchen.  He just had to help me make cookies.  He's actually not a bad helper, either.  Doesn't even make much of a mess.  He loves to sit on the counter, too.

March 25 - Today was a sad day.  We had to say good-bye to this little fellow.  He was part of our family for a time but it was time for him to join his family.  So, we had a farewell/birthday party for him.

March 26 - Playing Uno...this happens a lot in our house.  One of the kids must have taken this photo.  Evan, maybe?

March 27 - The unpredictable spring...snow!  It barely snowed all winter but then snowed several times during the spring.  Ah, life on the prairies.

March 28 - It was cold, yes, but not icy or drifts of snow so we can still use the stroller!  We headed out to the bank all bundled up, but getting some exercise in!

March 29 - The first time I had my windows open at all.  It wasn't really the warmest but still, it was nice to have some fresh air in the house.

March 30 - My sister and her family came into town for the weekend.  This is little Jari with Evan.  Sometimes Evan can be really sweet.

March 31 - Little Jari with those great big eyes!  Who can resist them?  I love this photo so I had to play with it a bit, too.

Well, we made it through to the end of March, now I just have to get on April's stuff!  But for now, I think I'll head outside with the kids.

Until next time...

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