Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let's Get Started!!

...on April, that is :).  I guess it's time to get April's photos up.  Maybe one of these days I'll actually get caught up.  Every time I edit and post, I think "That didn't take long.  I should do this more often."  Then I don't.  But, the kids are at the circus with Papa and Daddy right now so I have a bit of time.

So, on the home front, it's ball season.  It could be really crazy for us but it's been raining.  That means my poor boys don't get to play as much ball as they'd like.  Xander's league actually rescheduled some of the games so hopefully we can get a few more in.  He's really improving over last year and both boys have so much fun there.

On the Jonathan side, we finally got him his own "bed" (it's a mattress on the floor).  He wasn't as excited as I thought he'd be, since he was always wanting Evan's bed.  Well, he still wanted Evan's bed.  He also wouldn't stay in his own bed.  We tried just laying with him for a couple nights, hoping he'd catch on but he didn't so it took a whole night of me sitting there, putting him (or his foot or his hand) back on the bed every time he'd put it off.  It worked.  We won.  The only problem now is that when he wakes up at 6 a.m. he can get out of bed and wake me up (or cause a disaster elsewhere).  Progress, though and hopefully that will change some.

Anyway, we can get on to April's photos now.

April 1 - Not sure if you can see it but Xander has a strange mix of dry cereal that he decided to have for supper Sunday (eat whatever you want day).  If I remember right, it was Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios and Corn Pops.  Needless to say, he didn't actually eat it all :).

April 2 - It was a nice day so I took the two younger boys for a walk down to the lake.  It was chilly but they love to look at the water and have a run around.

April 3 - Somedays it's just worth it to go outside!  18 degrees at the beginning of April.  Really, who could complain?

April 4 - It was care group Wednesday and one of the ladies in our care group made Eater goody bags for all the kids (including the teenagers!).  These were extras because she didn't fill the little kids' bags as full so that they wouldn't overdose on candy.  It was really sweet of her and I was telling her how I think we really need to do more for Easter, to emphasize its importance and get our kids more engaged.

April 5 - Fun day!  We went for a fast food supper and swimming with some family and had a lovely time at the pool.  Jonathan really loved the little slide once I let him go to the kiddie pool.  I like to start in the bigger one because it's colder and if we start in the kiddie one, I'll never move!

April 6 - My very first attempt at making hot cross buns.  They turned out not too bad.  They were a bit dense...I really gotta figure out how to get my buns to rise more.  Since my parents were in Europe, I didn't have my Mom to make them for me so I had to do it myself!

April 7 - My project, my prerogative.  I have two photos for this day.  Since we were having some family come over the next day, we did our Easter egg hunt Saturday night with the kids.  Here they are with all their candy spoils.

Also a tradition (hopefully) that we started this year.  It's the Easter advent calendar.  I had 8 eggs with a Bible passage, a symbol, and a treat in them that we opened for the 8 days up to and including Easter Sunday.  This was a "white cloth" to symbolize the cloth used to wrap Jesus' body.

April 8 - Again, my project, my prerogative...two photos :).  This is the resurrection cookies that we attempted to make.  They turned out OK (meringues that had a story to go along with them and the next morning they were empty...just like the tomb).  They tasted really good, though.

A quick family photo on Easter Sunday.  The kids are all dressed up in their cute outfits so I had to make sure I got a photo.  It's inside because it snowed outside Easter weekend.

April 9 - I just love when the kids cooperate and get along.  Xander is sharing his book with Jonathan here and telling him all about it.  It was really very cute.

April 10 - Today was dentist day.  Both the boys and I had appointments so we made a morning of it.  We took the bus downtown, did a bit of shopping and even met Dad for lunch.  Here we are waiting for the bus to go downtown.

April 11 - This photo is pretty anti-climactic since I don't have one.  Oops.  This was the first day that I forgot to take a photo.  I guess it was just a regular Wednesday.

So, we're almost half way through April and that's all the photos I have done up at the moment.  Soon, I will be back...I promise :).

Until next time...


  1. Good idea with the "advent" before Easter! You are so creative! Love the picture of the family!

  2. I love the pic of Xander reading to Jonathan!