Friday, June 1, 2012

More April!

Well, I must say that today is an exciting day!  First off, Jonathan slept in past 7 a.m. this morning (in fact, around 8ish - miracle of all miracles).  Second, my anniversary present just came!!  My beautiful new camera bag/purse.  It's bright and red and oh, so pretty.

Anyway, I have more April photos for you...

April 12 - Easter vacation means fun times for the kids.  This was sleepover day with cousin Lucas.  Of course, there was much Wii playing, too.

April 13 - My poor little boy.  He had such red eyes. Not sure what it was.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't pink eye and I think it may have just been due to his cold but it sure looked bad.

April 14 - An exciting day at Sears.  This was the day we purchased our brand new stove, sight unseen.  However, I am loving it!

April 15 - This is a horrible photo but it's the best I have of the kids playing in the gym at church.  This was one of those days where we were serving in all three services so the kids needed a place to hang out.

April 16 - Any kind of machines are always an excitement around our house.  The city had started street sweeping and the sweepers were emptying their dirt into a dump truck right in front of our house.

April 17 - Back to school in the snow.  We barely had any snow over the winter and I think it snowed as many times in April as it did the rest of the winter.

April 18 - The Incredibles!!  This is Jonathan's favourite movie and he is so cute about it.  It's where he learned about rockets, too.  Also, notice Evan in the laundry basket.  He loved sitting in it to watch shows until it tipped over and cut his head the other day.

April 19 - See?  More snowing.

April 20 - The very last thing I baked in my old oven.  And it got too dark...somehow it seems appropriate :)

Well, that's all I've got for now and it's just about lunch time so I will sign off and bring you more photos later.

Until next time...

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