Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Finishing Off April!

Well, June has started off as a crazy busy month.  There was company (lots of fun with my parents, sister and her kids) and ball (in fact, three games on Sunday).  There was a birthday party and ball.  :)  There was Jonathan getting a new bed (making me exhausted) and ball.  Now the craziness is over just to be replaced by more craziness this weekend.  I am off to Calgary for a women's conference on Friday and we have a field trip tomorrow to look forward to.  I kinda can't wait until next week when we don't have so much to do (just ball - oh yeah, did I mention ball).  Anyway, it's all fun but is tiring and does just mess up the schedules!

Anyway, here is the rest of April in pictures.

April 21 - Two photos again.  The first is the prep photo.  My stove is disconnected from the wall, the half wall is removed and all we have to do now is wait for the stove to arrive (and Sears to take away ours!).  Photo two is after delivery.  My new stove is finally here and doesn't take up as much space I as thought it would.  You can even kinda use the door still.

April 22 - The bus ride to church.  The newest bus has seat belts and that is all Jonathan cares about.  He wants "buckle!"  He can do them up and undo them all by himself and he thinks it's the greatest thing.  He even totally threw a fit the one Sunday when we got an old bus without buckles!

April 23 - The electrician was here, the anti-tip device installed and it's time to get the stove ready to use.  This is the initial run it with nothing in it as the manufacturer suggests.

April 24 - The very first thing I made with my new stove.  The ever popular, always delicious banana chocolate chip muffins.  They turned out fabulous, too.

April 25 - We had our Public School Moms' group in the morning and the kids just run rampant in the basement (or play, as it's sometimes called).  When I came down, this was the crazy chaos that I found!

April 26 - At the doctor's office (and not a good photo).  Jonathan hurt himself Wednesday night and he was still limping some Thursday morning so I figured I'd better take him to the doctor.  Since mine didn't have any convenient times, we just went to the walk-in clinic down the street.  The doctor there didn't think he'd torn or broken anything but it was swollen so she figured he probably sprained his knee a bit.  Not sure how.  He'd fallen the night before - maybe he was spinning like his brother...I was in the kitchen so who knows?

April 27 - Craft time!  Print, colour, cut and glue together Angry Birds!  Xander was having some fun playing the game in real life.

April 28 - Me with my old-new glasses.  I had been using old ones for a while as these ones needed to be tightened and fixed.  Now they looked wonderful!

April 29 - Family game time!  Well, all except Jonathan.  Kinder Bunnies is the favourite around here.

April 30 - At the bank with my boys.  Opening accounts for them, since BMO had a deposit $25 in a new kids account and we'll match it.  This was the last day for the promo...nothing like planning ahead!

There you go!  April is complete.  I likely won't even start May until I'm back from my weekend trip but you never stay tuned :P.

Until next time...


  1. Great pictures all! Love the look on Evan's face in the last one! What a kid!!

  2. So I would guess you're all for the church buying another new bus this year. That way the odds of getting a bus with seatbelts on a Sunday morning would be even more in Jonathan's favour!

  3. Thanks for posting your pictures! I love the muffins - I am not a very good muffin maker I don't think. Yours look delicious!