Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Sweet Summer Evening (or March pt 2)'s that sweet smell of a summer evening.  The fresh grass, the damp ground, the bit of a chill in the air.  These all take me back to my Dairy Bar days.  My shift would end about 11 p.m. and, if the day was busy (which it was if it had been hot or was a long weekend), we would take our supper to go then.  Usually it was a large box of fries with THE best gravy in the whole world (seriously).  The only other gravy that compares is one we found at the Big O in Montreal.  Back in those days, I didn't even like gravy on my fries but THIS gravy I did.  Then, all blue, pink and sticky, we would head out to our cars into an evening just like this.  That is what I thought about as I stood at my sink washing dishes tonight and breathed in that same smell from my open window.  I loved those summers.  Sometimes, on a really nice night, we'd even stop at the lake and sit on the bench for a bit before heading home.

Anyway, iNSD was a great success for me (I did a lot of shopping and a lot of scrapping) and I shall have to post some of those layouts on my scrapping blog one of these days.  It was a fun weekend and I got 5 layouts done on Saturday, just like I had wanted to do.  I got another one done on Sunday, too.

And, as promised, I have more photos for you from March...

March 11 - One of the favourite games around here is Kinder Bunnies (Killer Bunnies for kids).  Evan, in particular, just loves to play it.

March 12 - I finished Matthew.  This was one of the challenges we took on as I was going through our study on anger.  It was to get into the Word on a more consistent basis.  I chose to start somewhere "easy" so I picked Matthew and, while not reading every day, I had read most days (some days larger chunks than others) and I finally got to the end of the book.

March 13 - Time to do a little budget work for next year!

March 14 - Xander's teacher had the kids try this experiment.  We hard boiled an egg and then put it in a cup of vinegar overnight.  It softens right up so that the shell is soft and pliable.

March 15 - For once I looked at a photo and had NO IDEA why I had taken it.  This was a Thursday and I do not know what happened.  All I can think of is maybe this was the day Xander was sick and I had to call the school.  Maybe it was something with Jonathan.  I really don't know.

March 16 - This was a Friday and Jonathan and I went for a walk.  It was a lovely evening and we walked by Xander's school.  Earlier that day, I had been at the school for a work day...helping teachers do prep work.  It's always an enjoyable time.

March 17 - How could I resist?  The kids don't have puddles to play in at the yard so we had to go find some.  That is just one of the joys of childhood.  They both ended up falling in the water and Xander lost his boot in the mud.  These are the things that I have to actually look for in the city but they are totally worth it.  Here, the boys are playing What Time is it Mr. Wolf?

March 18 - One of those Sundays where I was at the church for all three services.  At times, I serve during the third service and this was one of those days.  Luckily, it was nice enough for me to walk home so that Jason could take the boys home.  I took this photo of the church as I was heading away.

March 19 - I'm trying to be more diligent in keeping our bedroom clean and our bed neatly made, especially since it looks so pretty when it's made.  I have decided that Mondays are my day to clean my room and the upstairs bathroom.

March 20 - This is one of Xander's birthday presents.  A short LEGO Star Wars movie that they ALL love to watch.  Jonathan especially loves R2-D2 and runs around saying that :)

March 21 - A beautiful spring day and my Evan just has to go outside to play.  He simply loves playing outside and the swings are a favourite for him.

There...a few more to tide you over until I can finish putting up March.

Until next time...


  1. I still remember getting my boot stuck in the mud when I was a kid. It was fairly traumatic for me though since I was in the back alley with...I don't remember, but not an adult, and had NO idea what to do when my foot pulled out of the boot. Getting my foot filthy was not an option in my little mind! Glad Xander had his mommy there to help!

  2. You assume I helped :) I stood by and made him figure it out for himself. His foot did get muddy.