Saturday, January 15, 2011

December - the first week!

Well, I haven't gotten a lot of photos edited but here are the ones I have! This is roughly the first week of December in review. I was hoping to get more accomplished today but I am pretty pleased that we got the boys' room cleaned and organized today. I'm trying to get it all arranged so Jonathan can move in, too, and some of their toys can join them upstairs! Otherwise, we're trying to stay inside and off the roads! It keeps snowing and by Friday evening, the roads were crazy slippery. I did have a great day on Friday helping out at Xander's school. It was a lot of fun to chat with some of the other Moms and do some work for the teachers!

Here are the photos I have...

Time to decorate the Christmas tree! It's fun that the boys can help now...I still have to do all the unfun stuff (fluff the tree, put on the lights etc.) but I try to do that while they're in bed so we can do the fun stuff together!
We did advent calendars this year for the first time. We got these really cool ones from LEGO. Each day had a different little LEGO character or item to build. The boys loved them - Jason even got one for himself, too!
This is our other advent calendar. It's a bunch of little books that you read and then hang on the tree. It's kinda fun! Every night, we would read a book, hang it on the tree and then do the LEGO calendar. The boys loved the books, too - they took turns - one would take it out and the other would hang it on the tree!
Playing patty-cake - this became one of his favourite things. We don't play patty-cake much now but he still really loves clapping!
This was the day of Xander's birthday party! It was really sweet that he WANTED to help me clean the bathroom. If that's what he wants to do on the day of his birthday than I am perfectly happy to let him! He's also old enough that his helping actually helps, too! :D
Then came the fun and cake! This is what he finally settled on - a football stadium. I wasn't necessarily thrilled because I figured it would be a lot of work. It kinda was but it turned out so cute! Those green gummy bears are the Riders and the red ones are the Stamps!
Here the boys are playing with one of Xander's gifts - a paint set! He just loves crafts and, of course, little brother must tag along to everything big brother does!
This is one of my ornaments. I got this idea this year to hang Christmas balls from ribbons. I put them in my kitchen window and thought they looked really pretty! I always feel like I need a bit more Christmas in the kitchen so they were great for that, too!
My baby - growing up so fast! The time is just flying and he is still as content as ever!
Part of the fun of Christmas! I showed my boys Christmas orange peel elephants! They thought this was great and, while they didn't master it, they would pull of pieces and tell me "that's a race track"!
More birthday! Xander and I made cupcakes for his class for his birthday. I iced and he put on the Smarties. He made patterns on some of them because that's what they were learning about at school!
December...the time of so little sunlight! I can't remember if this was sunrise or sunset (I think sunset) but you see both regularly at this time of year!
Well, that takes me to the eighth of December. I'll have to get more photos edited but now it's time for bed! Oh yeah, I turned 33 this week, too! Obviously very important since I blogged about it and all! I can never remember how old I am, anyway, so the birthday thing doesn't bother me. We had care group on my birthday, anyway. One of the other ladies had a birthday two days before me so our leader's wife brought birthday cake for us - it was very yummy! The day before my birthday, I went out with Jason and the boys. We went to Tony Roma's for VERY yummy ribs (for me, anyway). Also, they baked me a cake (since Xander doesn't like ice cream cake) and we had that for dessert! It was nice to have a quiet birthday!

Well, I'd best head off to bed now!

Until next time...

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  1. Love, love, love the pictures!! Our boys are so darn cute!! I love them to pieces! Thanks for sharing!