Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4 - My Parents

My parents...I love them to pieces! Everybody says this and lots of us mean it but I have the best parents! My Dad is a retired teacher and now works as a pastor at a small town church. My Mom is a nurse, though she stayed home with us for most of my growing up years. So picture this...6 kids all on a teacher's salary. Now that I am grown up I have finally realized how little there must have been to go around and yet we never wanted for anything! We always had everything we needed (not that it was brand name) and were content. We went on vacations and had a lot of fun as a family. I had friends growing up who thought we were dad just knows how to shop a deal! (He still does and would probably love to tell you about his latest!) I learned so much from my parents growing up. They were great examples of how to love the Lord and to love others. Their faithfulness to God and the church we grew up in (through good AND bad times) was a great example to me. My Mom is one of the most hospitable people I know and it is great to be adult friends with her! My Dad is full of wisdom that we get to benefit from! My parents aren't big gift givers (though we do get gifts) but they are always willing to give of their time. When it's at all feasible, they will drive 5 hours to come to their grandkids birthday parties or child dedications or just to visit. If something is wrong, they have been known to drop everything and come help. I really appreciate that so much. Anyway, that is just a bit about my parents! I love them so much and I even have a picture to show you (it's good, too - my Mom hates having her picture taken and she always says that as someone's trying to take a picture so then we get a picture of her talking! ;) )
Edit: I had something I was gonna say then forgot when I was posting this but now I remembered so I'll post it! One of my favourite things that my Dad always taught me was that attitude is a choice. Circumstances are just that and it's how you choose to react to them that matters!

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  1. Your dad is indeed a wise man! I really love your parents! I am always envious of someone who has the gift of hospitality and your mom surely does!! I think they did a super job raising a pretty wonderful daughter!!