Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2 - Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Well, today's post should be incredibly easy because I am so incredibly not clever in naming things!! My blog name is really very basic - it is what it says it is. We are the Berkans and this is our life - you can join us here, if you want!! Every once in a while I come up with something clever but not usually when I actually need it so guess you'll just have to live with my boring old blog name! Also, unlike some of my friends my name is not an actual word that can fit into really cute little sayings :) It'd be more fun if it did!

Really, not much else has gone on around here today...just the usual. Well, I did get to have coffee (well, tea and water) with a lady from church this morning and we had a fantastic visit! I can't wait to do it again. Now, I really should be doing dishes and getting ready for care group tomorrow night so I guess I'll go...I don't have any more photos edited to show you, either, so this is kinda a boring post. Since these 30 days are all about me, I guess you've learned that sometimes I'm boring :). I did forget to mention that these prompts came from Heather who is a designer over at ScrapMatters (my favourite forum to hang out at) so hi all you SM girls dropping by!!

Until next time...

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