Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Well, ever since my camera has gone off to the repair shop, I have gotten out of the habit of taking photos of E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  So, I made my chocolates in November but I don't have a picture.  I may have even done other festive stuff without taking a picture but that's OK :).  Anyway, I love Christmas, I just wish that it didn't show up in stores November 1st.  That's just too early.  Around here, Jason makes us wait at least until after American Thanksgiving and preferably longer than that.  As I age (shhh, no I don't), I think I agree with him more.  The specialness really decreases the longer the season lasts.  Anyway, we have had some Christmas fun this year and I just wanted to share a bit of it with you!

First off is the kids' Christmas party.  Jason's work puts this on, the kids love it and it's always the kick off to the season (I'm actually very glad it's at the end of November so that it doesn't interfere with all the other goings on!)

This year, we had a balloon artist.  Such cute little guys!

And we rode the slide...about a gazillion times.

And I even had one kid brave enough to sit on Santa's lap.  They all loved their presents, though.

Then we had to decorate our tree.  It was even well after December 1st by the time we did this and the lateness really didn't bother me at all.

We started with the star.

Then we had fun adding the ornaments (though Mom did get to dictate the upstairs tree!)

Finally, it was all done - what a pretty tree!

We always have two advent calendars for the kids.  This one, which is a whole bunch of tiny books, telling the story of Jesus (the books then hang on the tree)...

...and this one that is full of fun little LEGO bits.  This year, we had the LEGO City version.

Then we had to decorate the downstairs Christmas tree.  It was SO crooked.  I couldn't figure out why until I realized that the new spot I used this year was by the walls of the know, where the house was sunk.  So, this is the new and improved Reginan Christmas tree stand (good thing I have a tree skirt!)

Xander is almost tall enough to reach the decorations at the top of this tree!

Even little Bradley got in on the decorating fun!

This is my three little goofballs enjoying "Snowman Milk" aka egg nog.  They all love it and I thought the new name was very cute (the carton has a snowman on it).

Then we had the Winter Celebration at school.  Evan's class made gingerbread versions of their families (which we got to decorate and eat!)

Xander's class did a poem but I didn't want to post a picture of everyone so here he is by the snowman decoration that he and his friend made for the gym.

Evan also made a presentation about his family (unfortunately everyone else had already left by then so he just got to present to us and his teacher...he was a bit sad).

And Xander was lucky enough to have his name drawn as one of the kids who got to get their face painted.  We thought that the green jacket really just made him look like a ladybug in a tree.

So, Christmas is here and only a few days away now.  The preparations are pretty much done so hopefully we can slow down, relax and actually enjoy the season now!

Until next time...

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