Monday, December 30, 2013

Growing Up Too Fast Part II

Around comes December and it's time for Alexander's birthday!  I cannot believe that he is 8 years old and in grade 3.  Really...I remember being that age.  Alexander is quickly becoming a wonderful young man (did I really just type "young man"?}  He is more logically minded than his younger brother.  It shows itself in his responsibility and love for learning.  He has worked really hard on his reading and he particularly loves to read non-fiction books on pretty much anything.  Tanks, airplanes and weapons are popular but also things like "most dangerous" lists.  He does a really good job of taking care of his brothers, too, and helping them out.  I love that we watch The Amazing Race together and get to see all sorts of cool places that we'd both like to visit - maybe someday we will.  I really look forward to seeing what the future holds for him with us...even if I will soon have to say "I have a pre-teen".  There are perks to them getting older but it just makes me think of how soon they will be out on their own!

We love you Alexander!  Happy birthday!

He is so into planes right now and all things "mighty" and list-like.  (The cotton candy clouds kept disappearing so we had to remake them a few times...)

He so loved playing football this year.  Their wind up was even on the hallowed Taylor Field!

Until nest time...

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  1. Wow! Good job on the multiple posting! I was thinking you must have had a lot of extra time on your hands up in Turtleford, but prewriting with scheduled'll have to teach me how to do that! I still read blogs so go ahead and post for me!