Saturday, December 28, 2013

Growing Up Too Fast

Well, that's it.  It's official.  Evan is now 6!  Seriously, 6!  Where on earth does the time go.  He's in grade 1 and it's just crazy.  It was his birthday at the end of October and it was just great to celebrate with him.  He is such a joy to have in the family and probably more like me than I really understand.  He is definitely not the quiet one...he goes and he goes on loud from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed.  I wish I had that kind of energy!  It is great getting to see him develop into the boy that he is and no longer just follow what his older brother does.  Evan is a very caring boy - he absolutely loves babies...any babies...he will sit and talk to them and play with them for a very long time.  He'd really like to be able to hold his baby brother more but his baby brother will no longer take it!  Evan is also our musical and creative child.  He adores singing so his teacher at school this year is the perfect fit.  Much of their learning has been turned into song!  He really enjoys his music lesson and will spend a ton of time at the piano just playing whatever he can find.  He also loves to draw and colour.  He can almost always be found with markers and a piece of paper.  We can see that he loves to learn as he is picking up reading all by himself...with no help from us.  Of course, he loses mittens more than we'd like and had four jackets in his locker at once this year, because he couldn't remember to bring them home but we love him quirks and all!  I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of boy and man he continues to grow into.

We love you Evan!  Happy birthday!

His fun (and super simple) Minecraft cake...

Pictures from his ball season that I had never of the other parents took a bunch at the final tournament.

Until next time...

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