Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Daily Photos

Well, I've got some more photos for you. These are the ones that I've edited so far and I actually have most of them scrapped, too!

Jan 6 - Games are starting to be a much bigger thing in our house, especially since the kids are starting to be able to play more than their games. Xander wanted me to teach him crib so we've been playing that a fair bit...he even beats me...without me letting him (man I've gotten some bad hands :) ).

Jan 7 - My big helper. Jonathan likes to be just like his brothers so he wants to help out, too. Here he is helping clear off the supper table.

Jan 8 - As the time comes every year...the tree is down and the decorations are put away and I am glad to have the space back in my living room!

Jan 9 - Cleaning day...Mondays and/or Tuesdays. Xander decided he wanted to vacuum and there's no time like the present to teach them!

Jan 10 - More games...this time Toy Story Uno. Evan loves this game, in part because it has the Toy Story 3 characters on it but he's really a pretty good sport when he sometimes wins and sometimes loses.

Jan 11 - Here start the birthday celebrations! Since my birthday was on a Thursday and my friend's was on Tuesday and we have care group together on Wednesday...we got a pretty and yummy cake baked for us by one of the other sweet ladies at care group! She made the cute little banners with each of our names and the meaning on them.

Jan 12 - My actual birthday was a busy day. I started the section of my Thursday morning care group that I am leading (on anger) and I had an SCC meeting at school that night so we didn't really do anything. I figured I should at least have a picture of me on my birthday and I was in my jammies by that time so here it is.

Jan 13 - We went out for supper Friday to celebrate my birthday with my parents in-law. It was a good supper (I got steak AND ribs so how could it be bad) but the cake was harder to figure. Jason hadn't made one as he was going to get a DQ cake but my strange boys don't really like ice cream cake so I decided it's be better if we were ALL happy. I'm not a fan of store bakery cakes so we decided on donuts. Jason had to go to two shops before he found sprinkled ones (my favourite) but he managed!

Jan 14 - I went to a seminar put on by our church on organization. We played a little game and since our table seemed to be the least organized (or at least have the weirdest stuff in our purses) we won a prize! It was a label maker. I'd even been thinking that one of these might be nice but I have yet to get batteries for it.

Well, then, that takes us up to the middle of January on my pictures. I'm not "caught up" like I'd like to be but I'm definitely more progressed than I was last time I did this project so hopefully it will end up getting printed in a timely manner!

Until next time...

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  1. Great pictures as always. So glad Evan likes his UNO game!1