Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back Again!!

Look, in just a couple days, I'm back again! I have a few more photos to post. This week was frigidly cold and I got to spend a lot of time at home. I think it was good because it got me back in the groove of doing the things that need to be done. I even managed to find my kids' birth certificates! Yay for finding stuff you lost! Now just to do some more organizing around the house and get things how I want them. One of these days it'll be done, I'm sure :). I know that chatter isn't what you all want so here are my photos!

Jan 2 - Evan's new set of drums - a Christmas gift from Grandma & Grandpa. The kids have all had a chance to play them but I think Jonathan is actually the most promising!

Jan 3 - The weather has been so gorgeous that we had to go sledding at Xander's school. He even got brave enough to take the jumps and get some air! I believe the photo after this is of him crashing off the saucer.

Jan 4 - Xander and Evan got to spend the day at Auntie's and Xander told me he was going to build something huge so Daddy or I had to bring the camera with us. Jason took the camera but this is what he had built...not really so huge :).

Jan 5 - How could I not include the weather in such a gorgeous winter!!

So, 2012 has begun. I've even got all of these photos scrapped so far. Now I just have to get the next batch off my camera.

Until next time...

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