Saturday, April 14, 2012

My New Toy!!!

I am so very excited today. I purchased a brand, new people sized stove!! (Rather than the Hobbit sized one I currently have). I have been torn on what to get...double oven or not and so on. Then, I heard about this one...the Samsung Flex Duo Oven.
You see that tray that's partially slid out? That's the duo oven feature. It can be removed entirely so you have one big oven or it can be put it so that you have two small ovens. Great for cooking two things at different temperatures or just for only heating up a smaller portion of your oven when you're making pizza or something like that. I heard about this and I knew that it was the coolest thing and I totally had to have it!! The only difficulty was that no one stocks it. Seriously, there are at least 3 stores in town that carry of whom featured this very item on their television commercials, yet did not have it in stock. So, I went asking. Sears was my first stop and they told me that they don't have it but could order it. In fact, the salesman at the Sears Home store told me that they have been begging head office for a display model but, for some reason, they wouldn't send one. So, he looked up the price for me (on sale for $300 off this weekend!) and wished me luck. Another guy, who seemed a bit higher up actually went to call head office and bug them again while we were there (nothing like being a catalyst!) The salesman even told me that if I found it somewhere else (even if I bought it there) to please call him and let him know. Well, we had a little discussion and decided that the prices were reasonable and we would just purchase it, anyway, sight unseen (this may not have been smart but time will tell). I did hear this happening a lot in the few online reviews I found, too. After we finished the transaction, the second guy came out and said that head office finally caved and they would have a floor model in two weeks. Mine will be here in one. :) I am kinda curious as to whether all the sales guys will follow the delivery truck out just to check it out (I'm only sorta kidding). So, in the next week, we have to put a plug on our wiring (current stove is hard wired) and remove a little half wall. Not a big deal...then I get to use a real stove that really works!!!! I'm so excited (though it's been so long that I probably won't be able to cook anything at first).

Until next time...


  1. Wow!!! That is quite the oven. Congratulations!!!

  2. I know how long you have longed for a bigger stove and I am so happy for you!!