Thursday, February 23, 2012

More January...

Well, I haven't been updating this as much as I had planned on but here I am. I have been getting a lot of stuff done around here...cross-stitch projects, scrapbook pages...just not the blog. In fact, I have my next cross-stitch baby afghan about 1/4 done. Maybe some of these kids will get theirs before they're old!

We're currently on a week off of school but I have barely gotten to see Xander. Seriously, he has been out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and will be out Friday. I was talking to him about it and telling him that I didn't even get to see him and he says to me "But Mom, there are things I want to do." Oh my, when did he grow up? It has been a relaxing week for me since other activities are also down.

I got to go skating last week, too! I was so excited to go with Xander and get back on the ice. It has been a VERY long time and I am so out of shape. I even almost fell a couple times. It did start to come back towards the end and it was fun to just take a spin around the rink. I really used to love figure skating. I miss it!

Anyway, here are some photos from me...

Jan 15 - Playing games, again...this time it's a game I got for my birthday and we are trying to teach Xander. It's called Bohnanza (the bean game to the rest of us) and I really like it. Xander's OK but needs to work on his strategy!

Jan 16 - Evan and his Cars 2 cars. The boys just love this movie. They will use these cars and reenact scenes from the movie - most notably, the cars getting shot with the camera on the casino bridge!

Jan 17 - I had an appointment with my opthamologist in the morning...of course, the only cold few days of the year and I have appointments!! Go figure. I met Jason for lunch afterwards at Viet Thai (one of his favourite restaurants for lunch, anyway). It was pretty good and I managed to get this picture before the battery in my camera died from the cold. It was about -30 at this point in time.

Jan 18 - My sweet Jonathan with that wonderful cream on his cheek. Far as we can figure, he must have childhood eczema. His cheeks get so bad and this prescription cream works. Hopefully, he'll outgrow it before too long.

Jan 19 - This is what my kitchen looks like at the end of the day. It's taken me many years to finally subscribe to my mother's theories that it really doesn't take that long to do the dishes and it's easier if you do it every day. Like usual, she's right and I love that my cupboards are clean and clear when I get up in the morning!

Jan 20 - This is what I use my kitchen counters for in the morning...making Xander's lunch. This is his lunchbox, filled with all the wonderful things my mom used to give us...a sandwich, juice, a fruit and a dessert. The perfect lunch :)

Jan 21 - Fun science experiments from Lowe's Build & Grow program. Xander built the holder for the bowl and test tubes and the project came with a bunch of cards with experiments on them. Of course, one of the favourites is the mini volcano. Doesn't every kid love that one?

Jan 22 - Netflix. We succumbed to the free trial and have actually been enjoying watching the shows and movies on demand. We can watch it on our big TV through our PS3 and it's great. There are tons of kids shows and we have even watched some CBC shows on it (shhh don't tell anyone...but the TV show Men With Brooms was cute, clean and funny...too bad there was only one season!)

There you go...I have updated this as far as I've edited my photos. Maybe I'll do some more later this's hard to know :).

Until next time...


  1. As always, great pictures!! I love the one with Evan and his cars. Any chance of getting a copy of that one??

  2. I loved Men with Brooms - I felt the same way about there only being one season.