Monday, February 27, 2012

The Last of January...

Here they are! The last photos of January. I just got through watching the Scotties on TV yesterday and can't wait for the Brier to start on Saturday (curling for those of you not in the know :) ). Otherwise, we're getting back into a busy week and our schedule again. I can't believe how fast time flies by and how it feels like I get nothing done! Well, what I did get done was the last batch of photos from January so, without further ado, here they are.

Jan 23 - It was garbage day. When I walk Xander out to the bus Monday mornings, I bring the garbage bin back in with me. I wanted to take a picture of it but it's kind of ugly so I thought this perspective and the pretty sunrise would help to perk this picture up. Our garbage truck driver even honks at the kids now since they are always watching out the window for him!

Jan 24 - Jonathan's mode of communication. He, very cutely, sticks his finger in his mouth and says "ahhhh" (like a cool drink on a hot summer's day) when he wants a drink. Without the sound effect, it means feed me.

Jan 25 - I'd forgotten how much Jonathan used to love stacking things until I caught him stacking blocks at his little table again.

Jan 26 - Xander's brand new piece of furniture. A fantastic find for only $10! It should fit him for a while, too. He wanted a desk to do his spelling homework at.

Jan 27 - Can you tell how much Jonathan loves the phone? He cradles it so possessively. The only problem is...he doesn't talk. He's now up to grunts but mostly it's just nodding and listening until Mom asks for the phone back and then it's "No."

Jan 28 - It was Jason's Christmas party and this was our team's (table's) basket. They did a bunch of "Minute to Win It" type games (I don't know what that's just what they told us) and we won coins. We had to come up with a team name, too...this was it!

Jan 29 - FINALLY!! I finally finished Jordan's baby gift. Don't look at the birth date on there!

Jan 30 - Grandma and Grandpa were in town for a brief period and Jonathan was enjoying some Grandma time.

Jan 31 - Grandma left behind some mini-oranges. That is a regular sized grape beside them. They were so cute and sweet and Jonathan ate most of the box!

There. That takes us through the end of January. On to February...or is is March coming up? I gotta catch up one of these days!!

Until next time...

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  1. The afghan is beautiful! I'm glad you finished it. It's not like you've had nothing else to do for the last 5 years or so! :-)