Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Try This Again...My Baby's One!

Well, lookee there. Guess I should just listen to my husband every once in a while. Yesterday my computer was just being mean to me. I could type in the title spot on my blog and the label spot but it wouldn't let me type in the body. Hence my really fun post! Neither would Facebook allow me to play WordTwist or Scrabble...what a pain! I ignored my husband's advice of just restart already. Yeah, it worked. Shoulda done it earlier!

Anyway, now onto this post. About 11 days or so ago, my baby became no longer a baby! Now he's one. It's been a really fun year and it has just flown by. He is still my laid back, likes his time alone kind of baby but he's finding his voice and his way, too. He began to walk just a couple days before his birthday but he still refuses to eat real food. Seriously. If it has chunks in it, he pukes it up. Serious gag reflex. Oh well. He is also the most studious child we've ever had. I have had more than one person comment to me..."He's so serious." What they are really seeing is him trying to figure things out. No matter where you are or what it is, he is always observing, always thinking, always trying to figure out how things work. It's really quite amazing to watch. We had a birthday party for him too, and here are some of the photos.

It's so hard to do a cake for a one year old. They haven't really developed tastes or preferences yet so there is little personality. Jonathan, however, loves socks. Not sure why but if there is a pair on the floor, he will find them and, often, put them in his mouth! So, I decided that a sock cake would be in order but I wanted it to be cuter than a giant sock so this is what I came up with:
Here is the birthday boy seeing his cake.
I want that closer to me! I want to examine it...also the fire is new and interesting.
The candle is blown out and we finally let him pull it to himself.
This stuff is really interesting. I want to feel it and play with it.
You want me to do what with it? I don't think so. (He has the greatest expressions!)
Jason put some in his mouth and this is exactly where it ends up. Spit out.
He really is his father's son, though. Two light sabres at once.
It was a really good day and it is crazy to think that he is that old already!

Until next time...


  1. Happy Birthday to your little one. He does have awesome expressions. :)

  2. I love the cake! Very creative!