Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oh to Blog More...

You know, I'd really like to but I have an intention (like posting Bradley's photo shoot) and then I don't get to it (I've only edited half of them) and I don't blog.  Meanwhile, time keeps passing by and I'd really like to blog more...I know I love reading other people's blogs, even if the posts are full of thrilling information...maybe that means some like to read mine, too.

So, here I am to post.  There really isn't much going on...those photos aren't ready to post yet.  Also, it's curling season and I must say that I spend much more time in front of the TV during curling season.  We're just about done week one and then I have two consecutive weeks of Olympic curling to watch...YAY!!  Alexander has really become interested in the Olympics this year, too, so I think we'll watch more of them than we have the past several Olympics.

Maybe I should do more introspective and deep posts...however, that's not me...I don't tend to share that kind of stuff with the whole world.  Maybe I should more, I don't know.  I'll think about it.  We did spend a week at our Mom's group setting spiritual goals for the year so we are working towards those.  We'll see...maybe I'll share a bit more at a later date.

Otherwise, I'm counting down the days until we get to go on vacation!  I have most of the big stuff booked for us and my parents to go to Hawaii.  However, it's still 62 days until we leave, so it's not really countdown time yet.  I am very excited because it seems like forever since I've been on a vacation and it is going to be hot and fun.  I have had a good time ordering packing organization systems, though.  Packing for six people in two backpacks is definitely going to take some organizing!

Anyway, all of this is just to say that I'm still here and still posting.  Trying to be a bit more regular, even if it seems like there is very little to post.  I've been in a crazy cleaning/baking mode today so I'd better get back to it and maybe I'll even get those photos done in the next couple of days.

Until next time...

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