Tuesday, September 4, 2012


That really is how time seems to go.  Especially as I'm on the other side of childhood now.  It seems so crazy to remember when a school year was an eternity and summer seemed to last forever.  Now, I look at my kids and think, how can they even get to know their teacher in such a short time and where on earth did the summer go?  Today was the first day of school here.  My oldest is in grade 2 and my second boy just started kindergarten.  Wow.  The oldest isn't home from school yet but I hope his day went better than his drop off.  Evan came home full of smiles and reports that he'd made lots of new friends (not that he can remember any of their names).  I get nervous every first day of school, too, but I always have and it always turns out fine.

We spent the last weekend of summer just hanging out around the house.  We went down the the Dragon Boast Festival for a bit (not as exciting as I'd hoped - the kids definitely liked the chuck wagons better) and took the boys bike out for a ride - trying to teach them both.  We walked the bus drop off and went to music lessons and stuck a little bit of last minute shopping in there.  It really didn't seem like enough, though.  This morning came way too early.  Now, Evan gets a day off and I hope it will be easier to get Xander on the bus tomorrow.

Anyway, here are the rest of May's photos (I know, I know, at this speed I might catch up some day!).

May 16 - A friend of ours (from our Care Group) brought these back from Hong Kong for all the ladies.  It's a foot crack cream and, let me tell you, if you've ever seen my feet you know I could use it!

May 17 - Well, I guess there are a few pictures of me in here :).  I was making Jonathan's birthday cake and aren't I just adorable?  This is what happens when you test the VERY blue icing you are making.

May 18 - Once again, this is a two-picture day...mostly because we had Jonathan's 2nd birthday party on our anniversary.  This is Jason opening up his anniversary gift (which he thought we'd order that night but I had already done so :) ).  I got him an iPhone, which he'd been wanting for a LONG time.  So now his joke is that he has the most expensive cell phone ever with the cheapest cell plan ever.  And it's true.

We also celebrated Jonathan's second birthday that day.  He adores Cookie Monster and I wanted to make an easy cake so a giant cookie seemed appropriate.  I had extra batter so the Cookie Monster cupcakes turned out to be a nice accent.  Also, he went through about 3 vests that day but every time one got dirty, he insisted on a new one!

May 19 - The big boy gets his bed.  Jason went down to Madison's to pick up Jonathan's mattress so that he could now have a big boy bed.  He hadn't been too thrilled about sleeping in the crib or play pen for a while now.

May 20 - Long weekend celebrations at the farm.  The kids have a blast running around outside all day and stuffing their faces full of marshmallows.  It's always finished off by a fireworks show.  This is one of my better photos from that night.

May 21 - I just thought it was cute.  Jason and Xander were playing Super Mario Galaxy and Xander was wearing his matching shirt.  So I took a picture :).

May 22 - Trying to make Xander's hair last until Jessica's wedding without a hair cut.  I'm cheap that way.  I figure if I'm patient and pay a bit of attention at the salon, I can trim it up a bit.  I didn't even do too bad a job.

May 23 - FedEx...I actually discovered where they are in the city and went out to the airport to send something to my brother.  In fact, I had to return home because I'd forgotten something and then drive out to the airport AGAIN.  I can't remember exactly why, though.

May 24 - Getting ready to place the caterpillars.  Every creature deserves a pretty home so the boys decked out the boxes in preparation for moving the critters.

May 25 - SaskEnergy - for some reason, they're trying to make sure the neighbourhood doesn't blow up.  They came and did a bit of worked and staked out the lines so that they could dig up the easement. I just checked a couple days ago and, not only did they NOT kill the rhubarb, as I had hoped but they actually SPREAD it and there was another plant out our door!!

May 26 - Off to the bank we go.  Xander made his very first deposit of his savings into his very own bank account.  A big day for the young lad.

May 27 - Race day!  Not sure which race this was, exactly, but the boys don't seem to care.  They always want to watch the race, but mostly end up playing while Dad ATTEMPTS to watch the race!
Yeah, yeah, I missed May 28th...it was a Monday and probably boring...or I was tired and forgot.  That seems to happen a lot lately.

 May 29 - Hmmm...I wonder what we are doing.  Looks like t-ball to me!  This may have been a game that I took Evan to, while Jason took Xander to his.  It has that look to it.  That would also explain why I have fewer photos of Xander playing ball.

May 30 - Our caterpillars are all cozily cocooned and about ready to move into their new homes (that's Jason's job, by the way!)

May 31 - Today I was obviously at Xander's ball game...can't you tell by his professional stance and equipment?  Well, there was a little distraction in that there was a small hill by the field where the boys (Xander and his teammates) discovered they could have a lot of fun rolling down the hill.  Post game celebration, I guess! :)

There, I am not completed May and it's just about time to go watch for Xander and his bus so I guess it's just in time.

Until next time...

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  1. Yes, I can hear you!! Great pictures, again! Love it that you are back.