Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where Has Summer Gone?

Well, I know it's been forever since I've posted but somehow I thought I'd have more time this summer.  Between painting, car races, weekends out of town, VBS and just trying to get some chores done at SOME time, the days have flown by!!  We are in the middle of VBS and it, in itself is exhausting, never mind doing it while I'm pregnant and tired, anyway.  Today we had 319's crazy.  Plus, we're using a new system in registration and it's just a little chaotic at times.  But, I did manage to get a few photos together from....eek, I think I'm on I'll share them with you and we'll see how far we get!

May 1 - Ball season starts!!  This year, Evan gets to play too.  This is his first t-ball game.

May 2 - Spring really has shown up.  I noticed that the hedges were finally covered in spring leaves.

May 3 - I finally got to use my stove for its intended purpose.  For the very first time, I cooked two different things at two temperatures in one oven.  YAY!

May 4 - The beginning of date nights!  Jason's sister agreed to exchange date nights/babysitting nights with us each month and it's fabulous knowing we'll get a night out without having to search for and pay a babysitter.  This is the day we babysat.

May 5 - SaskEnergy came to call.  Since our neighbourhood had many gas leaks and a couple of explosions the past year, they are inspecting and repairing all the gas lines as needed.  They informed us that they would be in the easement that is fenced into our yard.  We had to remove this rotting deck (which needed to be done anyway) but thankfully, the fence stayed in tact even with their big machinery.

May 6 - I think I mentioned that it was ball season.  Apparently, that also means rainy season.  Xander's first ball game was cancelled due to the wet stuff.

May 7 - Allowance day!  (Well, whenever we remember at the beginning of the month, anyway).  Xander gets allowance and has to save some of his money, give some to church and then he can spend the rest.

May 8 - Ah, finally!  We got to play ball!  Little League actually has nice diamonds so they cancel ball more often than t-ball but Xander did finally get to play.

May 9 - Once again, I forgot to take a picture.  As you can see, it must have just been a typical Wednesday!

May 10 - It's amazing how fast they grow up.  Xander decided that he was going to write up the memory verse for the week.  He copied this from the Bible all by himself.

May 11 - Two year photos are coming up!!  Time to take Jonathan for a hair cut.  This was the first time he'd ever gone to a salon.  My cousin had cut his hair at our house before this.  He loved it, though!  Especially that blow dryer.  Seriously, most kids hate the blow dryer but Jonathan kept wanting her to use it more.

May 12 - I had to figure out what he was going to wear for his photos.  I didn't want to use the exact same outfit as his cousin photos so I just found this adorable vest to go over top his pink shirt (which he loves!).  When I bought it, h asked about the hanger and when I told him it was to hang the vest up, he immediately took it to our room and our closet to hang it up!

May 13 - This was Mother's Day.  Here I am with my three boys.  Xander had a ball game and afterwards, we just had a picnic at the park and then I played with my gift, a remote control for my camera.

May 14 - It's always fun when the boys bring me "flowers" in from the yard.  Evan picked me this cute little yellow one on this day.

May 15 - Did I say ball season?  Yep, more t-ball.  Jason out in the field helping Evan learn to at least go for the ball :).

OK, so I got some of May done.  But, it's supper time and I'm still a bit tired so that's all I'm up to today!!

Until next time...

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  1. Love all the pictures! Glad you guys had a fantastic summer!