Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For My Sister-in-Law OR How to Bring the Outdoors In

Once again, I have been noticeably absent! However, this time it was for fun...curling, curling, curling!! I had a great week attending a lot of the Ford Men's World Curling Championships but those photos will be posted later. For now, this was a request (a long time ago) from my sister-in-law, Jen.

Way back in January (almost February, really) we decided to bring snow into the house and let the boys play in it as it was just too cold to go outside. Well, Jen wanted details so I have finally gotten the photos together and will give you those details!!

First, you need someone (a husband will do) with a shovel and a big container...Rubbermaid does nicely. He can haul in about 3 of these (though our tub is a bit small so you may want to consider 4.)
Then, you need the main participants...the children. You get the enthusiastic ones decked out in ski pants, boots and mitts. (Make sure they use the potty before going out or you'll have to do it over again - hee hee - just kidding!)
Then you get a favourite snow imitates life so a shovel really should suffice! You let the non-enthusiastic stay on the sidelines, simply admiring.
Next, the work begins. Gotta make sure that snow doesn't stay in one place too long. From one side to the next.
And back again. This time add in one parent (though you may want to keep them on the outside unless your tub is really big!!). A pair of gloves is also in order.
Be sure to take pride in your work. That snow pile won't admire itself!
After some time has passed - about 1/2 an hour when it's really cold outside (-30 or so), the snow will be right for some real fun!! Be sure the snowballs are a manageable size for little hands!
Go ahead...throw away...the wall can take it!
Gotta make sure those ski pants get put to good use. Have a good sit down...see just how waterproof they are.
All those snowballs eventually gathered together and created a cute little snowman!
When the non-enthusiastic hear the fun and decide to return, allow some leeway. Maybe a tentative stand on the outside but with an apparatus that allows access.
When they get more comfortable, a pair of boots shall suffice (the likelihood of them sitting is much, much less). Encourage their hard work too...nice pile!
Finally, wait several hours for the snow to melt...better yet run the tub full of hot water and still wait a couple hours for it to melt. It will swirl away to nothingness and no one will ever know the confused identity of your bathtub!!

There you go, Jen, how to bring the outdoors in!

Until next time...


  1. You need to post more often when you feel giddy. That is an awesome narrative to go with the pictures.

  2. You guys rock! And are fairly ingenius. I never would have thought of it. I'm glad a snowman was built, that was definitely a necessity. And I can't wait to see the scrapbook page you do on that!

  3. I love, love, love it! Didn't know you even did it!! I agree with Jason, the narrative was awesome! You are a superb storyteller! I, too, can't wait for the scrapbook!

  4. You are awe-some!! Nicely done Momma!