Tuesday, May 27, 2014

So Thankful!

Well, I know it's been forever since I blogged and I meant to blog as soon as we got back from vacation but stuff happened.  I was just going to come on here and tell you that we all got stomach bugs when we got back and then I got a cold for two weeks straight and it wasn't a fun one.  However, that is all irrelevant in so many ways.  I was on Facebook yesterday and saw one of those posts that's supposed to be funny or make you glad you're not that dumb.  Anyway, it was people's tweets about their "problems".  It was things like, they keep putting too much pulp in my morning mimosa or I got a splinter from an avocado seed - now my life is ruined.  I read it and normally would just shake my head and give a slight smile and go on with life.  However, it just struck me yesterday - do we really sound like that?  And, truth be told, I realized that we do.  Personally, culturally, in different ways, we all do - and we shouldn't.  I was also doing laundry yesterday (my most hated chore and one that definitely causes grumblings in my head).  So, that got me to thinking, I should be thankful...seriously.  All I have to do to wash my clothes is toss them in a machine and push a button.  If I want to be fancy I can pick from several pre-programmed settings...really - what do I ever have to complain about.  In fact, I am both so blessed and so extravagant that I even use POTABLE WATER to wash my clothes.  If that does not make you thankful, well I guess we've missed the boat.  Not sure why it struck me so much yesterday but it did.  So, yes, while I will inform you that I have not been feeling well and that's why I haven't blogged, I refuse to complain.  A cold is a cold and nothing more.  So, instead, I will leave you with a few pictures of things I have also been thankful for in the last little bit...

I am so thankful that we are able to travel and see more of God's creation than what is just at our doorstep.
Diamond Head Crater from Waikiki Beach 

Hanauma Bay 

The whole gang at Pearl Harbor with an anchor from the USS Arizona 

Where the lava meets the road 

Probably some of my favourite scenery the whole trip. 

See turtles up (kinda) close and personal - so cool to see in the wild 

And then we returned and still, we are amazingly blessed and there is more to be thankful for...
This little guy decided walking is not so bad...love the zombie walk they do to start with. 

Music soothes the soul (maybe not so much when six year olds play but still, they're getting so much better!)

The blessing of these guys - Mother's Day with my boys. 

My wonderful husband - here we are on our 12th anniversary! 

How helpful this kid is getting.  Xander did this at all the airports, too, as we tried to navigate two strollers, luggage and customs. 

Warmer weather for ball - the first few games were nasty (woulda been better if we'd have taken winter clothes along :) ) but things are looking up now! 

Goofy moments with a kid who doesn't run from the camera but begs to have his picture taken! 

Four whole years with this charming little guy!  He couldn't get enough of the sea turtles, either.

Finally, a child who eats.  At every meal.  Usually what we put in front of him.  Can't believe it still.

So, regardless of the weather outside or the little things that go wrong, I will choose to be thankful.  I also saw a video on Facebook that I've seen before about a guy who talks about air travel and how we're all grumpy about what goes wrong but YOU'RE FLYING.  That's just AWESOME.  We should think like that more often about everything!

Also, I did Jonathan's four year photos today so I will post those once I go through them, pick out the best ones and edit them.

Until next time...


  1. You're so right. And laundry...after hearing that the Fetchs have to wash all their laundry old school - with an old wash board and everything - I am SOOOO thankful for our mashing machine!! I told them I would probably just live in filth if I had to do it that way!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to be thankful for everything! I needed that! Love the pictures!

  3. Love this! Ps laundry is my favourite chore... I would be willing to swap for floor washing?