Saturday, December 8, 2012

I've Been Avoiding You

I know you think I may be kidding, but, in fact, I'm not.  I've been avoiding my blog for the last 3 or 4 weeks.  I should update it and I kinda wanted least put some more photos on but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Mostly, I just found myself having a little pity party and being in a very complaining type mood.  Now, I do believe in being honest about how you're feeling but I sounded whiny, even to myself.  It was just a little bit of everything....the weather (seriously, it rained or snowed big time every time that I had an appointment!)...the ENTIRE family got the flu (we were all completely down and out one day - all five of us - the kids even had temperatures ranging from 101.5 to 103.4)...and just being at the end of my pregnancy (after being sick, the heat sensitivity and itchiness that I know all too well kicked in).  I even had a friend who, when I told her the kind of mood I was in, said...go ahead, complain.  So I did and it really sounded just a little pathetic, even as I was saying it.  However, things have turned now.  Last Sunday I was sitting in church - I always marvel how I get the weirdest things out of church on Sunday.  Not usually what the main points in the sermon are but some other little tangent that I can't even remember how it relates to the service, usually.  Anyway, I was sitting there when it just struck me...suck it up...this isn't about you.  You are having yourself a wonderful little pity party like life is all about you and your convenience.  It isn''s not about you at all.  God gives you what He does for a purpose so move on.  And I did.  Not sure what the purpose of the tormenting pregnancy symptoms are but I guess I'll try to learn to take them on more graciously (and hope the baby's not late).  Paul had it much worse than I did and he still had joy (see Philippians) so I need to take that example and focus on the big picture and get my head off this earth for a bit.

So, there you go.  The reason I've been avoiding you and the solution to all my problems :)  Now I won't post any photos today...I'm off to watch a movie...but I'll try to soon.

Until next time...

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