Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wanna Laugh?

Well, let me tell you, today was a weird day. But weird in a good way. First I'm gonna give you the good stuff...then you'll laugh...then I might even have some photos! It was a bit of a crazy morning. The kids got to bed too late last night and a couple of them have colds (including Xander). Convincing him to go to school this morning was not an easy task, though I have learned in the past that letting him stay home is also not the answer. Besides, I had to go to church this morning to lead our Thursday morning moms group. So, our schedule and order was kinda out of whack. However, I wasn't all anal about it like I usually am, I just went with the flow. Also, his bus has been coming earlier and earlier so we're usually running out the door. Anyway, I got back in and did a couple things and thought I was doing pretty good for having time even though the schedule was completely gone. Then, I realized that Jonathan wasn't even dressed yet. Oops. Very quickly the time slipped away and I was heading quickly towards late. (If I'm not 10 minutes early, I'm late - I hate being late). I realized then, that I could stress out about it and likely end up yelling at the kids...or I could choose to just get ready as we could and I would get there when I got there. The ladies could come up with things to chat about until I got there. Since we are studying anger (Mom anger, as I call it) in our group this morning, this really seemed to fit in. I made the good choice (today, anyway :) ). So, I was buckling kids into the car 10 minutes before group started and I was OK with that - very weird but God can work miracles. There was even a parking spot left in the parking lot. So it should have been a very stressful morning (and it would have been most days) but today it was good.

Now for the laugh. We came home, had lunch and set about our afternoon. After I had gotten the kids down for their naps (with some screaming and overtiredness...and still calm on my part), I decided to call my sister to see when they were planning on coming into town. I was absentmindedly putting my hands in my pants pockets and something seemed weird. Whatever. I kept pants had fit weird in the morning, too, but I just figured it was one of those "fat" days. So, I kept talking. Then, I went to put my hands in my back pockets, as I like to do, and there were no back pockets. What??!!? I looked down...I had my pants on backwards. No wonder they didn't fit right. Even better...I went to church and saw many, many people like that. My sister found it hilarious. I kinda did, too. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? I am too young for "senior moments" right?

Anyway, I hope that made you smile. I have a few more February photos for you.

Feb 17 - Jason & I finally started on the Valentine's Day treat I bought us (1/2 price Christmas Toblerone!!)

Feb 18 - Sledding one more time...this time you can't quite see it but the top of the hill doesn't have any snow on it. What a crazy winter we mild and snow-free.

Feb 19 - Construction. They had to dig up the nice road they just finished repaving this past fall in order to fix a water main break, I guess. They worked all Sunday from early morning until late at night. Guess it was important. They did leave a big sink hole there this spring, though :).

Feb 20 - My guys playing their iPods. The boys decided that the Halloween sized Smarties boxes would make great iPods so they decked them out with sticker buttons and sat around playing them. Love that imagination.

Feb 21 - Xander's busy week off school. I barely saw him the entire week because, as he told me..."I have things I wanna do, Mom." Here he is off to a sleepover at his cousin's place.

Feb 22 - Jonathan eating spaghetti. I thought it was really cute, the way he stuffed it in his mouth. Then, I loved this photo...his expression...his eyes...the angle. I just had to play with it a bit. So, this is the plain one that will go in my book but there are some fun ones that follow.

Feb 23 - Xander played Risk at his cousin's place and now he wants to play it all the time at home. He doesn't quite understand what an involved game it is yet, so he doesn't get that we can't pull it out at any moment like Uno or Kinder Bunnies.
There you go...a laugh and a few more photos. I'm slowly getting caught up! Anyway, gotta head to bed now.

Until next time...


  1. Too funny! Not a "senior moment", but a "Mom Moment" - "they" say you lose brain cells with every child. Ha! Love the pics of Jonathan. I may "steal" one. Is that Evan coming down the hill? Can't quite see who it is.

  2. Sandra, you made my day! I'm glad to know there are other moments not just senior moments!!