Friday, December 23, 2011

As Promised...

Though not are some photos.

Gotta make sure we get a really good look at that birthday cake. Turning 4 is a big deal.

Learning how to skate (Mom's excited about that).

Celebrating my Grandma's 80th birthday...a lot but not all of us.

Growing beans. In November. In Saskatchewan. Seriously.

Building snowmen. In November. In Saskatchewan. Seriously. ;)

And another one.

Brand new babies. Apparently my dear son loves them.

Packing shoe boxes for kids who don't get Christmas gifts.

Playing video games. Without a TV. In Saskatchewan. Seriously.

Amazingly fun (and exhausting) Christmas party.

It even had a Santa.

Gotta get that candle. Turning 6 is a pretty big deal, too.

Construction wear. Gotta build those trains.

Not one we built. Visiting the Holiday Train.

Decorating for Christmas. Big helpers.
So, there is a bit of what we've done up until the photos that are still on my camera.

Until next time...

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