Wednesday, November 2, 2011


OK. I must say that Halloween is not my favourite night of the year. However, Jason likes to make costumes for the boys so he does that and takes them out. I stay home. I eat/hand out candy. This year, I actually had to hand it out since we had 30 kids!! That's a lot when we usually get 6 or so.

Anyway, I will admit that Jason's costumes were really cute this year and they have made fantastic toys after the fact. The boys got these plastic firemen's hats from a free handout at Canadian Tire. The inspiration came from there...they were firemen in fire trucks. A box and a little paint is all you ever need for a Halloween costume!! Here are some cute photos...notice the details, like their license plates and truck numbers. My husband does do a good job!

Both of my firemen!

Xander from the side.

Xander from the back.

Evan from the side.

Evan from the back.
Jonathan went along for the stroller ride and even he got some candy (now I can't get him away from it!!)

Until next time...


  1. Your pictures are sooo good!! Jason did an amazing job. His stupid art teacher should see what he's done! Ha!

  2. Oh my gosh Jay! I had no idea!!

    They are too darn cute you guys.

  3. Did you come to our house? Next year we'll have to plan better b/c as soon as Jodi and the kids left, we hightailed it out of our place. We'd already been sitting in the dark, hiding from trick-or-treaters - didn't want to do it ALL night! Ja does do an amazing job, no doubt about that! Jen