Friday, September 9, 2011

Why I Haven't Blogged...

Sorry for the last totally random post :). I was trying to show my Mom that photo and it was easiest just to make it my most recent post...don't you love talking over the phone and showing things over the internet?

Anyway, this is a photo laden entry with just a part of the explanation about why I haven't blogged much this summer. Here are my excuses for July...

Had to take these three monkeys to see some real animals!

Had to take this kid to his candy store!

Had to introduce my kids to the joys of roller coasters (which they loved)!

Had to view some of God's gorgeous creation.

Had to make sure we didn't get too used to summer - though it was fairly hot for being the Columbia Icefields.

Had to step back in time at Fort Edmonton Park (we even learned how a switchboard works...those girls must have been quick!)

Had to get some omelettes...oops this egg doesn't work!

Had to spend a fabulous evening at the beach!

Had to learn how to drive one of these (really, my sister MADE me!)

Had to see how the open road was!

Had to make sure this one got his chance to eat sand (others chose to build with it rather than eat it).

Had to try out tubing to see what kind of daredevils my kids are.

Had to spend some time learning about God.

Had to check on the plants that he planted back in April.

Had to experiment with new modes of transportation.

Had to check out the local curling scene (yes, that is my family and yes, this is July - in fact, this rink didn't even put ice in last winter my Mom tells me...just in the summer ;) ).

Had to learn to make snowballs (isn't summer fun? This was actually the scrapings from the curling ice).

Had to help Grandpa mow the lawn.

Had to help Grandma bake.

Had to sail the seven seas with Buzz and Woody.

Had to check out a museum with a really cool caboose.

Had to take photos with Grandma & Grandpa & Great-Grandma.

Had to sample some tasty treats. (My friend from New Zealand came for a visit and brought these. They sound odd but are fantastic - and very addictive - so Kelly if you're reading time you come visit - these are a great gift!)

Had to see if good would triumph.

Had to check out some more powerful transportation.

Had to fulfill that need for speed.

Had to learn to swim with some awesome cousins!

Had to spend time playing with same cousins.

Had to witness some nuptials.

So, there you go (if you're still here). Those are my excuses for you think they're good enough? Soon I plan to get up my excuses for August!

Until next time...

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  1. I am catching up on blogs today! I haven't read any for ever, and hadn't blogged even to my own for a long time either. But with fall comes routine, right? I love when you post, love the pictures and now my kids want me to post the ones that we have of us that are the same as yours...hint...omelet!
    btw - your blog won't let me post as my blogger name, so I'll see you Wednesday - know who I am??